December 25th 2004 onwards

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A number of sightings have been reported in the Hawkes Bay Today newspaper. Starting on Christmas day 2004. On the day after Boxing Day I myself sighted an object on the horizon due east at around 4.00 am NZ Standard Time it rose quickly in the sky. Then moved slightly left then slightly right. Then a major movement back to the left and then the same distance right. Then centered to its original position.

No photo was obtained. However sighting thru binoculars showed an oval object with sparkling blue and orange. Not menacing. This has not at this stage been reported thru NZ press but numerous other sightings have. This sighting of mine was seen by one other.

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Updated information from Tony Lucas:

The witness contacted me regarding the sighting and I'm currently in the process of investigation.

The Thai wish balloons they are trying to use as an excuse for the phenomena don't fit as the objects showed anomalous movement not consistant with a balloon.

And indeed as the above mentioned witness reported.

Included are the sightings over that christmas period:

There has been a spate of sightings in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand over recent weeks spanning December 25th 2004 to January 3 2005.

On Saturday, December 27th a witness reported seeing a "reddy-orange glowing ball" hovering over Cape kidnappers. The UFO zigzag across the sky before stopping and then moving straight up, out of sight. The sighting lasted 15 minutes.

On the same night the object was watched through about 20 minutes through binoculars by different witness and a separate location this witness suspected it was a homemade hot air balloon. He claimed it was probably the size of a kitchen table, or bigger.

Also on December 25th there was a sighting of a "yellow-orange ball" out at sea from Bay View, Napier the witness said it glowed through the clouds, the witnesses son took photographs. He later claimed it may have been a Thai wish lantern.

On December 26th at Waimarama a really bright orange-red UFO was spotted by a Havelock North resident and her friends. The light brightened before moving backwards slowly and rapidly shooting out of sight.

On December 28th at 3 p.m. a Havelock North man inadvertently captured a image of a UFO while taking photographs in the Maraekakaho area. Discovering a speck on a photo the photographer enlarged the image and revealed a flying saucer-like shape.

A Waimarama man and his son-in-law saw an orange object in skies at 10 p.m. the object remains silent the entire time it was in the sky before moving off.

On December 31st a Hastings resident and her husband saw an unblinking orangey red light in the sky her husband said the light look something like a hot air balloon but did not behave is a balloon would. Another Hastings resident and a different location saw a big bright orange object coming from under the clouds at 9:20 p.m. the object was watched for 15 minutes and photographed five times. The photos did not coming out and the date on the camera was mysteriously reset.

Another Hastings resident also spotted the object while at the service station said it moved in a big arc and was following a course through the sky. Also in Hastings yet another resident saw a red- orange glowing ball at 9:20 p.m. while doing the dishes. His son-in-law and also suggested that could be a MIG fighter jet as he had heard of one owned by a Hawkes Bay man.

On the same night, just before midnight in Taupo a Real Estate Manager claims to have seen three UFOs were 20 minutes from a Taupo a camping ground, they appeared from the western horizon. The UFOs were glowing too brightly to be aircraft, they headed towards the south before he lost sight of them.

On Monday, January 3, 2005 two witnesses photographed a red light in the sky from Waimarama, this was the second UFO one of the witnesses had seen in several months. The object appeared to be hovering over the beach before heading North East and then heading up.

Reports Via Hawkes Bay Today Newspaper 15th of January 2005. Reporter Chris Gardener.

Tony Lucas
Independent UFO Investigator
Hawkes Bay
New Zealand

[UFOINFO thanks Tony Lucas for the updated information.]


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