January 26th 2005

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: Fran

Location: Wainuiomata,lower hutt,wellington, new zealand

Date: just before 4am january 26th 2005 1/26/05

Approach Direction: from north east

Departure Direction: southerly direction

Witness Direction: south west

Description: I was woken just before 4am by a loud whooshing sound like a small tornado coming. It became louder and louder and certainly didn't sound anything like a plane or chopper. A UFO is all i can think it might be. Then i saw a row of bright white strobe type lights all moving in a circular motion through the curtains. It lit the whole room even though the curtains were thick and were pulled. It passed overhead at a fairly slow speed then the noise and lights disappeared and i summoned the courage to look out the window. But it was nowhere to be seen. Nothing just a still quiet night.

Color/Shape: vivid white strobe lights in a line, moving in a circular motion. Did not see actual craft

Height & Speed: Quite low, but above roof level. Quick approach and even quicker departure. instanstaneouesly departure.

TV/Radio/Press: have not heard of any other sightings


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