February 18th 2005

Christchurch, New Zealand Bright Light Shoots Upwards

Date: February 18, 2005
Time: 9:45 p.m.

Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Bright light disappearing upwards.

HBCC UFO Research Note: The names used in this report have been changed, they are not the people's real name.

Full Description of event/sighting: I was scanning the night sky, as I so often do, marveling at the line up of stars in the sky. I was so mesmerized by what I was looking at in the heavens above. Believing that I was looking at something very special in the sky that night, the planets Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune were all in a zig zag lineup. I was looking toward north, Neptune being the farthest to the north at the end of the line from where I was standing, and Mars being directly above. The time was 9: 45 p.m., Friday evening,18th February, 2005. I then went to get my neighbors to verify my observation of the stars. Ann and Dave, a female and a male. We headed to the backyard, to the observation spot, Dave was leading the way through a very narrow gateway, we sort of had to go sideways through the gate one at a time. As I followed Dave through I started to stand upright to point to the sky, when all of a sudden as I pointed skywards there was this bright light straight above me and Ann.

I yelled out "what is that"? The problem is Ann saw it first, or more or less the same time as I did. Dave missed it, but I know Ann definitely saw it. I was still looking up at this bright light with Ann when it disappeared skywards at a unbelievable speed. This light was different than any other light I have ever experienced before. Ann could not accept what happened before her very eyes that night, she is in a state of denial. The light went upwards at speed and flashed out at the same time.

There was no noise or sound. There was some loose and broken cloud high in the sky that night drifting very slowly, but I cannot remember to which direction. We kept looking that night, but there was nothing more to see.

Additional Information:

Kia Ora, Brian -Thanks for your response. This sighting was very short, only a few seconds. When I first saw this indifferent light and once I was through the gate, my right side was nearest Ann as she was halfway through the gateway, I'm sure we both saw this light spontaneously, or only a half a second apart, and I did look at her face for a reaction, she was wide eyed, open mouthed and in a state of wonderment with no words uttered. I had to ask Ann 3/4 times, what did she think she saw? She did not answer straight away.

The light disappeared at a rate of knots upward, I know it went upwards, because there was no sideway light movement. I couldn't see any shape what-so-ever, but I did try desperately, scanning the heights for a shape or size during this brief sighting. The light went out with a flash, it had moved upwards just before it flashed out. When it went out it was sort of spectacular, real bright yellow center with the edges of the light, hard to describe, and seemed to have cast no shadow from the light what ever. Once there was no light - it was gone.

I quickly focused my attention on Ann. What do you recon Ann, what do you think you saw ? Obviously, she said it was a plane, but I know that's not true, and so does she. We spent the next 20 - 25 minutes looking for airplanes. Nothing! Then a short while later a small plane flew above us, red light flashing. Ann then remarked, there I told you. I know what I saw that night, and it isn't what she says.

There was no tail or trail.
The light was constantly bright during this sighting.
The whole duration may have been only 5 - 7 seconds.
Aircraft were visible in the air after about 25 - 30 minutes.
This sighting was observed about 2km east of Christchurch City, 10 km further east is the South Pacific Ocean.

The International Airport is about 12 - 15km West of the City. American planes use this airport as a last stop before Scot Base in the Antarctica, South Pole. There is a huge dome built up on the hills Southeast of this City which I believe is an American Radar director\detector or what ever for their South Pole flights.

The Military Base, Burnham, is about 35km south of the International Airport. The light was stationary when I first spotted it - when it moved upwards - it was gone. It had one enormous speed.

Without a guess, it was at a great height. Higher than the local flight pathways. I've lived here for many years, and the planes fly over my place every day when approaching the airport to land in the prominent local southerly/southwest/westerly winds.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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