August 5th 2005

Location: In a rural motorway between Kurow and Omarama in Central Otago, South Island, New Zealand.

Date: From 8:00pm to 9pm approx.NZ time on the 05 of August 2005.

Approach Direction: No approach seen.

Departure Direction: No departure seen.

Witness Direction: West towards the west of New Zealand

Description: Me and another witness were driving west to the Southern Alps in New Zealand when we spotted an irregular object in the sky. At first we belived the orange object was Mars, but then at about 8:45pm the object began to pulse and flare up. The strange orange object looked twice to three times as large as any other stars and when it pulsed it would look tiny and so dull it could not be seen but then it would flare up to a huge glowing orange object brighter than the moon.Each pulse occured at random intervals between about 20 sec to 2 minutes. I looked at the object with binoculars and was astounded by what i saw. The weird object appeared to be giving off an orange irredescent streak of smoke from the right of the object and the object appeared to be bobbing up and down gradually. On the 7th of August i rang the local observatory believing this must have been a space shuttle or a sateelite but these were quickly excused for many reasons and no other reports had been made of the object!

Color/Shape: The object was orange. It would pulse from a dull unseeably tiny object to a intensely bright orange object far far bigger than any stars. The object moved slowly up and down while giving off a smoky orange cloud to the right of it.

Height & Speed: There was no approach or departure that i saw but it was remarkingly high above the earth.

TV/Radio/Press: There are no other reports that i know of although I have tried a lot to look for some.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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