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UFO Sighting Report - New Zealand

November 9th 2005 & November 18th 2007 : Howick, Auckland

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Howick, Auckland, New Zealand

Date: 09/11/2005

Time: 9;45PM

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Perfect onion shape

Weather Conditions: Very calm, no clouds and stars, light blue sky

Description: Well I went outside for a cigarette that night and we live at the back house of the property. we have a varander with table and chairs just outside the front door. anyway my friend and I went outside for a cigarette and sat around the table and we were facing each other.

I was sitting facing the right hand side of the house. I was talking to him when all of a sudden to the left hand side of his head I saw something glow which immediately attracted my attention. it started off by appearing as two bright dark blue flames/lines parallel to each other moving upwards for 2-3 seconds then out of nowhere it turned into a very light blue onion shaped aircraft as it stood there for another 3-4 seconds hovering in one spot as it looked like it was powering up its energy shaking at phenominal speeds and then took off to the left at lightning speed which left the blue flame track after it. it was very high up in the sky about a quarter the distance to the moon.

this ufo was massive, about the size of a golf ball in the sky. I got a very good look at it and you couldnt miss it. it looked like a light bulb in the sky. I got the shits. I thought it was over for mankind. I was that stuned my friend missed the whole episode as I could even talk to tell him look. Eventually he saw the fear in my face then turned around to look but was too late. I have never experienced anything like it as I thought it wasnt real but I was wrong. but thats not it. I never thought it would happen again until 2 days ago.

I saw another to the left hand side of the house and this one looked like 2 aeroplanes put together. It was light blue again at the distance of a plane but moved faster than a plane. no planes were around and it was still daylight. it was moving in a way that I thought it was in trouble and going to crash into the houses. it flew past a tree that was in the way and I moved to the left to see it go past the tree but it vanished into thin air. this is really beyond me whats happening and I know its real but I have one question.; Why me

TV/Radio No.....I did contact the police but they said they couldnt do anything but try the army. I did but they said what do you want us to do. no one will believe me anyway.