Masterton, North Island

January 16th 2006

UFOINFO E-mail Report

Hi John I was looking through your reports of sightings around the world for the first time as I am new to the computer and still learning how to use it but I will get there what a great machine to have and being interested in ufos for about 45 years I will have a lot of use with the computer and will send you any sightings I here of.

Last monday night 16-1-06 aprox 8-30pm with a very clear night sky I happened to look south at apro. 70 deg I notice a bright star then it moved heading south from north west I said to my friend look theres the space stn. but he missed it as it seemed to come from no where then disapeared at aprox 60 deg only a very short distance, if it was the stn. or what ever I would have seen it for a lot longer. It was no plane too high, then aprox 15 minutes after the same thing happened same as the first seems strange to come from no where then to disapear like that.

I thought I would let you know what I saw maybe nothing. I live near the bottom of the north island in nz masterton I will be looking at your reports more often John... bye for now kind regards.


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