Timaru, South Island

February 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: timaru south island new zealand

Date: february 2006 about 4 oclock in afternoon.

Approach Direction: north to south

Departure Direction: north to south

Witness Direction: east

Description: My partner, myself, and my 11 year old son were travelling by car from pleasant point to timaru via the main highway, when I looked up and said "look theres a flying saucer for you!" thinking that it was a glider or some other aircraft from the airport. But as we continued to watch it, it became apparent that there was nothing to identify it as a standard form of aircraft. It was a clear blue sky with a low cloud bank coming up from the south over the timaru city. The object was low enough to make out its shape clearly. was a bright silvery white. No lights flashing on it. It moved in a straight line from north to south going very slowly. slower than any glider i have seen. by the time we went from one end of the long stretch of road to the other we should have seen wings or something to say it was an ordinary aircraft. however the shape remained consistant. sort of a hubcap or lamppost light shape. We also noticed it seemed to have a slight wobbling motion to it. we were able to observe it for about 3 mins before it went into the cloud bank.


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