Mairangi Bay, Auckland

February 3rd 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Mairangi Bay. Auckland. New Zealand.

Date: 03 February 2006 0830-0855

Approach Direction: north heading east

Departure Direction: disappeared straight upwards

Witness Direction: noreast

Description: At 0830 this am my mother was hanging out the washing, when she called me outside to look at some objects in the sky.

At first I suggested that they were a cluster of weather balloons and counted 10 all together. As we continued to watch some of them started to change colours from the original shining bright silver to reddish orange, to illuminous voilet-blue. They started to make formations. Almost pulsating and changing shapes from round to oval and some moved into clusters. The clouds were wispy and the objects were moving in the same northly direction as the clouds but slightly faster. Then they changed direction and moved slowly east and stopped directly above our house. Some of them formed the southern cross constellation and the pointers turned red.

I phoned the Auckland Observatory and asked if anyone could see them from that location in Royal Oak. Unfortunately they could not see them. Eventually after 25 minutes they disappeared directly upwards. Perfectly round and silver in colour again.

Color/Shape: Changing shape from round to oval and back to round again.Sometimes pulsating and making formations.

Colour shining silver initally then a couple went to red-orange and violet-blue.Then back to silver again.

Height & Speed: Difficult to assess.

TV/Radio/Press: I phoned the Observatory while watching them at about 0840. Then I phoned TVNZ at approx 1.45 pm and spoke to the newsroom to see if there had been any other reported sightings. None had been reported and unfrotunately we did not have any footage as proof.


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