Orewa, on the Hibiscus Coast, near Auckland

March 21st 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Orewa, on the Hibiscus Coast, near Auckland, New Zealand

Date: 7:00-7:15pm (approximately) 03/21/06

Approach Direction: East

Departure Direction: West

Description: I was out on the beach with my sister at Orewa outside our hotel, looking along the coast for washed up creatures. We found a fish and my sister went inside to tell my mum and dad. While she was gone I was looking in the sky and saw a star, but it was moving quickly, quicker than a plane would at about 1 mile high, then it disappeared behind clouds. When my sister returned I told her and we had another look in the sky, and we saw another object pass from a cloud quite a distance from the first object. It appeared to be a plane because of its flashing, however it only flashed white. It was also going much quicker than the last object and had gone from above one section of land on the bay to the opposite in about 1 minute. It was easy to tell it was quite far out at sea. The object seemed to skip and dart along the sky but also stopped and bobbed up and down slowly. It also moved upwards quite a lot, down a little then up again.

Color/Shape: White, quite small. Began to fade before disappearing. Quite bizarre movements. Round.


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