Maketu, East Coast, Bay Of Plenty, North Island

April 15th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Maketu, East Coast, Bay Of Plenty, North Island, NZ

Date: 15/04/2006 0227hours Local

Approach Direction: Stationary

Departure Direction: Imploded/Disapeared

Witness Direction: South East

Description: Huge object that seemed to be spinning two ways at once, it was spotted while a mate and I were on our farm bikes driving down the beach towards the general direction of the ufo. It was about 3-4 km away and about 800- 1000mtrs above sea level was floating above a peninsular called Maketu Point, the object was very big because we could almost make out its shape from were we were driving, seemed to be at least 50 meters wide by the same high, it changed colour rapidly from green to blue, red and white bright lights in random order, we stopped our bikes and turned the engines off to confirm with each other that what we seeing wasnt a figment of our imagination. We continued to watch the object for about 5-10 minutes before it shrunk into itself and dissapeard, very suprised if no-one else saw it because it was giving of a lot of light.

Color/Shape: Blue green white yellow
Height & Speed: 800 - 1000 Meters above sea level


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