Oamaru, South Island

June 30th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Hi there.

Could you check the air traffic for "Oamaru, South Island, New Zealand" on "Friday 30th June 2006, between 1pm and 3pm"?

I took these two photos within one to two minutes of eachother at the most.

I do not remember seeing any planes or helicopters and neither do friends that live in the area and were in that area at this time (Oamaru is a small town, so seeing a plane in the area is a pretty noticed thing) and didn't even pic up on the thing in the sky until I got home and began to process the photos last night.

Attached are the two photos. The "Strange" one has the figure in it....the "Portrait one" was the second photo I took.

'Strange' photo showing alleged object
Second 'portrait' photo


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