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UFO Sighting Report - New Zealand

January 30th 2007 : Kapiti Coast, Wellington, North Island

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Kapiti Coast, Wellington, New Zealand

Date: 23.05pm 01/30/2007

Approach Direction: came from south going north in zig zag motion very fast and then slow untill we seen a sateilite then it stopped and disapered while i was useing binoculars

Departure Direction: south to north then stopped and disapered above us

Witness Direction: facing south island of new zealand we were looking at a comet at the time

Description: mum and I were looking at a comet that was in the deep south of the sky's over new zealand in the north island. The object was to the right hnd side of the comet but the object was in earth atmosphere way closer than the comet. The object was faster and more adgile than anything i have ever seen and going faster than the satilities i see in the sky at night

Color/Shape: colour is deep Orange light, flashing on and off while changing direction left and right serveral times. When the object wasnt flashing you could see and outline of something that it was something round. as we were watching it wecould see and satilite that seemed much further away and the object speed up to it and then slowed down to a stationary position and then it had gone

Height & Speed: from about 2 km in the sky far south then went to 10-18 km high above us. speed: approxmitly 10,000 mile and hour plus then slowed to stationary and dissapered

TV/Radio/Press: dont know