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UFO Sighting Report - New Zealand

May 31st 2007 : Kilbernie, Wellington

Location: Country: New Zealand
   City: Wellington
   Suburb: Kilbernie

Date: Approx 6:00PM Local Time
   Thursday 31 May 2007

Approach Direction: Moved into view from behind cloud. direction of movement was from north to south

Departure Direction: Departed very swiftly east

Witness Direction: East

Description: Walking down Crawford Road heading towards Kilbernie. I was looking east watching a Boeing 737 climbing out from the airport when i saw a bright yellow-white circular light move slowly out from behind a cloud. and appear to become stationary in the sky to above and to the east of the airliner.

There's a lot of air-traffic from the airport at this time of the day, so I assumed it was another airplane, then it shot off to the east, it went so fast it was like it became a bright line in the sky, speed of departure appeared to be in excess of Mach 2

Witness has knowledge of aviation, and astronomy, and is familar with standard air traffic from Wellington airport.

It was definatly not standard air traffic or a meteor.

There are no aircraft in New Zealand capable of supersonic flight.

Color/Shape: Circular

Height & Speed: Altitude: between 5,000 and 10,000 feet
   Approach speed: 200 knots (estimated)
   Departure speed: in excess of Mach 2

TV/Radio/Press: Not aware of it being reported in the media