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UFO Sighting Report - New Zealand

Summer 2007 : Puketaha, between Morrinsville and Hamilton

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Between Morrinsville and Hamilton, New Zealand

Date: Summer 2007

Time: Around 10pm I guess.

Number of witnesses: 3

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Round

Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: Not Applicable

Weather Conditions: Fine, very little cloud.

Description: Me and my family used to live out in Puketaha between Morrinsville and Hamilton. I was convinced recently to report this strange series of events that occurred our there. So here goes.

My dad was watching television one night, he apparently saw something in the sky, a set of lights. Orange, and set in a circular pattern. He told his partner, who tells me she had seen it too, so he is not pulling my leg. They appeared to be suspended there. I never saw this, but I have been told about it recently, which helps me link this to another piece of strange events.

I used to sleep in a room separate from the house, my own outdoor bedroom. One night I was getting ready for bed, when I looked out the window to see a set of eyes staring right at me. They were about at my own height, maybe a little higher,and perhaps 20 yards from where I stood. They were out in the paddock, and it was too dark to see what it was. There were no cows in the paddock either. As I watched them for about five seconds, the dog started barking ferociously, but I didn't pay any attention at the time, as he always chased hedgehogs at night. After our Doberman started barking, the eyes looked away, and I never saw them again.

The next day there was something wrong with our dog. A very protective and pure bred Doberman, he was not himself all of a sudden. His eyes were black, he didn't seem to recognize us and he looked dangerous. He would hide in his kennel, which he usually hated. He would also tilt his head to one side and walk in circles. He didn't seem to want to mark his territory, but rather peed where he stood. The vets were baffled, and my father was ready to put him to sleep. But halfway to the vets in town, he suddenly became himself again, acting cheerful and normal. He was returned home and seemed fine. I don't know what exactly happened out there, but something scared our dog something terrible. I guess I will never know what it really was out there. But after these events, I am a firm believer in extra-terrestrial life, and commit a lot of my time studying ufology and the idea of extra-terrestrial life. We are not alone. Please can someone provide opinions or possibilities.