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UFO Sighting Report - New Zealand

The Answer To The UFOs Seen In Mission Bay And Orakei During July Confirmed

UFOINFO E-mail Report

To whom it may concern,

This is in regards to the UFOs seen in Mission Bay and Orakei during July 2010.

On driving around the Tamaki Road, towards Mission Bay on the July 11th 2010, around 9.00pm, my husband and I observed coloured flashing lights in the sky above the coast line looking towards Mission Bay, which could be observed at least several kilometres.

On arriving at Mission Bay, we stopped, only to find two Asian gentlemen holding on to two long kite lines, which had flashing lights up and down the lines, and also on the kite itself were revolving lights oscillating and pulsing at different times, which gave the illusion that if you were from some distance and being dark it would appear to be something like a UFO. These gentlemen were trying to sell these kites to us for between $300 and $350 each.

This makes for a good party stunt.

Have a good day.


My thanks to the witness for this report. I had wondered why there had been a sudden increase in the number of sightings from that part of the world, a region I do not normally get many reports from. Unless there is other evidence I will accept this as the answer.

Have a look at the night kite or led kite videos on YouTube (some videos are better than others!) - John @ UFOINFO.


Update August 9th 2010:

Hi John,

I'm a reporter at a community paper in Auckland, New Zealand. I was contacted by a local resident about something she saw in the sky in Mission Bay - and my interest intensified when I discovered similar reports of UFO sightings on the UFOINFO website. I ended up writing an article which was published on August 6 (click on the link below to read it). We have received numerous calls and emails from readers in the days since it was published - all informing us that it is a kite (see update below).

[UFOINFO Note: The update below is not the article at the link]

East & Bays Courier readers have solved the mystery to the unidentified flying object which was seen in Mission Bay and Orakei last month.

Readers have responded to the article, printed on August 6, saying that the UFO was in fact a kite.

The UFO, which was seen to be flashing lights and changing colours, was reported four times to the international UFOINFO website.

Several readers who responded to the article said the kite had flashing LED lights and was higher than the average kite.

Most of the people who contacted the paper said they were intrigued at first and went down to the beach to have a closer look only to discover an Asian man flying an elaborate kite, and selling them to the public.

Just wanted to let you know.

Michelle Cooke
Reporter - East & Bays Courier

[UFOINFO thanks Michelle Cooke and the East & Bays Courier for contacting UFOINFO and confirming the report sent in two days ago via e-mail.]