UFO Sighting Report - New Zealand

Flag of New Zealand

Greenlane, Auckland

May 10th 2014

UFOINFO Online Sighting Report

Location: Greenlane, Auckland

Date: 5/10/14

Time: 12:00pm

Number of witnesses: 3

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Oval or spherical shape

Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: Yes

Weather Conditions: Clear and sunny

Description: Saw an object traveling in a northerly direction following Manukau Road,caught my attention as it was reflecting the sun which meant it was a metallic object.

It seemed to be traveling at a steady speed and possibly rotating, it was oval in shape or spherical, it was silent and had no wings or rotors which was most unusual as this discounts it being any form of aircraft either plane or helicopter.

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