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1950 & 1969

Auckland New Zealand 1950

Girl aged 10 years at the time.
Witness Noelene K. Sayer

My girlfriend and I went every Saturday morning to the local bakery to but our mother's bread. this particular morning we had a fight so she didn't come. on the way home i just looked up into the sky above me and saw three long gold objects flying very fast. I noticed a neighbour mowing his lawn and I mentioned it to him. By the time we looked up they had gone. The object was very hard to describe because the objects had the sun shining on them which gave them a glowing affect. They were cigar shaped and appeared to be gold in colour. It was such a beautiful clear morning and I was admiring the lovely blue sky when I came to notice the three objects.

My mothers encounter with a UFO (1969)

In Auckland New Zealand 1969 Approximately, my mother who has passed away now, was taking the family dog for a walk at around 8.30 p.m. The house was situated at the top of a slight incline. As she was walking down the road the dog suddenly became very nervous. Mother had a struggle trying to keep hold of the lead. Suddenly the dog slipped the leash and sped off back home before my mother could do anything.

She then noticed a strange light coming up the middle of the road towards her. There were telegraph poles in those days on each side of the street. The light kept coming towards her and mother ducked as it went overhead as she thought it was going to touch her (she felt it was that low to the ground).

When it had flown past her she watched it speed up and disappear towards Whenuapai airport. When she told the family about it she said there was not a sound coming from the strange light. It couldn't have been a helicopter or even a light plane as it was too low, there was no sound, and it would have had to have been small enough to fly between the telegraph poles.

I have a feeling she reported the incident to the air traffic control but unfortunately I never went into it with her. Now of course it's to locate to discuss it with her.

After that incident she believed what I had told her when I was approximately 10 or 12 years of age, regarding the 3 cigar-shaped U.F.O's. I had seen that beautiful, clear morning. I remember at the time she told me my liver must have been playing up because I had spots in front of my eyes.


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