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UFO Sighting Report - New Zealand

January 1959 : Ponsonby, Auckland, North Island

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: On Jervios Rd; walking on the pavement. Auckland city suburb of Ponsonby in New Zealand

Date: It was summer in January/?/1959 local time. I think it was late in the month at about 5.30pm The moon was near to rising.

Approach Direction: West

Departure Direction: East

Witness Direction: West

Description: I and a stranger alighted from a bus after work about 5.30pm. We both saw this light coming towards us. It was a clear blue sky-no clouds. Before it vanished into the light of a rising moon it appeared to turn a corner. It was very long and very high. We did not know each other. I stopped for some bread and my companion waited for me still watching the light. We then proceded to walk together to Herne Bay Road. The light vanished as it went into the brighter light of the sky caused by a rising moon.

Color/Shape: It was not solid.It looked like a giant knife cutting through the blue of the sky leaving a star coloured trail for an arm's length or more.

Height & Speed: Very idea...the speed was that of the Sputniks that were being put up then...slow.It lasted for about 15-20mins as we walked from the corner of Ponsonby and Jervois roads to Herne Bay Road. It faded from view as the sky was lighter as the moon was rising.

TV/Radio/Press: I looked in the paper and listened on radio but no report. Concluded it must be a jet trail but it didn't fan out grey. I had at the time never seen a jet plane or it's trail. It was after I had seen one that I realised what I has seen was something else.
In later years I was told it could be a Mother Ship 300 miles long.