UFO Sighting Report - New Zealand

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Diamond Harbour & Charteris Bay Golf Course, Banks Peninsula, Canterbury


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I would like to report on two unusual occurances;

Both occured during 1969-1973

I used to live in Diamond Harbour on Banks Peninsula one night while my wife and myself were watching tv the power went off we both looked over to Lyttelton to see if the power was on over there and it was also almost all in darkness but up in the sky above lyttelton was and orange ball about the size of an orange I got my binoculars to have a closer look but could not see any detail this object moved as per the attached sketch for approx 2-3 minutes before it travelled south above the port hill at great speed in a flash of silver light.

I was employed as a Pest Destruction officer and spent many nights out night shooting rabbits and always looked at the sky for any thing that appeared out of order. One night while operating with my brother in law Cliff Hardy who now lives in Temuka we had just finished shooting a property in Charteris Bay and decided to check the Charteris Bay golf course, I pulled off the road and drove up to the course gate on our left was a large stand of bluegum trees. Cliff got into the Landrover cab to have a smoke before we drove around the course all of a suden the whole course plus the club house and the inside of the vehicle lit up a bright green there was no noise and I assumed a great light from above was shining down on us. I reached to open the drivers door to see what was above us when the light went out and disappeared in a silver streak at great speed southwards over the hills and behind some trees.

Sketch of sighting over the port hill
Sketch for first sighting

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