July(?) 1975

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UFO Sighting At Sea Off Auckland NZ In The Year 1975

I left school in 1969 and completed a recognized engineering apprenticeship with Westland Aircraft at Yeovil, Somerset, England. I then worked as a qualified airframe, mechanical and systems fitter in Westland's experimental department on military helicopters. I left Westland's in 1974 and joined the Cunard Steamship Co Ltd as Fifth Engineer Officer. In 1975 I was a Fifth Engineer Officer on the M.V. Port Auckland a refrigerated cargo vessel.

I'm not sure of the exact date and time of the sighting but this could be established by researching the ships logs etc.

The M.V. Port Auckland left the port of Auckland around about 20:00 to 21:00 hrs one evening about July 1975. The ship was approximately sixteen miles out at sea and the glow of the lights of Auckland could be seen on the horizon. It was a calm, clear, windless night. I went onto an after deck and looked towards the stern of the ship (towards Auckland), the time was approximately 22:00 hrs. In the distance approximately eight miles away I saw a very bright white light ascending vertically from the sea into the clouds. As the light came to a standstill it intensified until it was so large and bright I thought no battery could power a light that bright no matter how big the battery. I watched the light as it dimmed and became smaller. The light started coming towards the ship. Intrigued I continued to watch. As it came very near the ship I realized that the object was a round disc, saucer in shape. The disc was approximately sixty to eighty feet in diameter. It had lights flashing in sequence around the circumference, the colours were red, green and blue. They were flashing in an anticlockwise manner when looking from the top of the disc. The disc was dark in colour against the night sky. The craft kept pace with the ship at a height of approximately one hundred feet and approximately forty feet out from the port side of the ship. I estimated the ships speed to be about eighteen knots. At this point I became afraid realizing that this was something completely unknown to me, I hid behind a derrick peering at the object from behind it. The object made absolutely no sound at all. After about three minutes of keeping pace with the ship the object changed direction to ninety degrees to port and at the same speed and height moved off to what would have been the north. It moved out of sight.

I have not seen anything resembling this object before or since. The disc was intelligently and precisely controlled, it made no sound at all.

If this craft was manmade there would be thousands flying round the globe today. This craft could not be kept a secret even if it were the prodigy of a military power.

I would very much like to know what exactly I saw.

Follow-up report from Brian Vike:

Q. - I know eight miles is a long distance and this may have not been noted, but I was wondering as to the brightness as it rose upwards if you had actually saw where it came from.

A. - *I first saw the light when it was just above the sea and starting to ascend vertically upwards. The light intensity did not change whilst it was climbing. The brightness was the same as an aircraft light seen at about one mile distance.

Q. - As it rose up, were you able to observe a tail or trail following behind at any time?

A. - *There was no trail behind the light at any time.

Q. - Also did you happen to notice any aircraft in the area at the time of the sighting or following it?

A. - *There was no aircraft in the area at the time of the sighting or after it.

Q. - Could you be able to give a rough idea as to how long the object sat at a stand still?

A. - *The object was at what appeared to be a standstill for approximately eight seconds, just long enough for the light to grow to an enormous size and intensity and dim to a smaller size.

Q. - How close would you estimate the object was to the ship you were on at its closet point?

A. - *The object came along side the port side of the ship at a height of approximately one hundred feet and about forty feet horizontally from the ships side, I was standing on the starboard side near the centre of the ship. Using trigonometry I would have been approximately 122 feet from the object. Closest point to the ship 102 feet.

Q. - Also would it be possible for you to do up a rough diagram of what you saw and email it to me at: hbccufo@telus.net ?

A. - *I have seen drawings whilst watching TV that have come remarkably close to what I saw. I'm no artist but will give the drawing of what I saw a go.

Q. - Were you able to observe any structural features on the craft at all?

A. - * No real structural features as unfortunately it was night time although there was enough light to see the craft, there was not enough to see detail clearly however, there were coloured lights flashing in sequence round the circumference of the craft which gave the impression that the craft was revolving but it wasn't revolving.

Q. - Again, just amazing and if you can add anything more to your report, any detail you may have left off, please add it to your report here.

A. - *The white light was a similar colour to the colour that a halogen light gives off, platinum white. The only other thing I may have left off is that one of the coloured lights flashing in sequence around the craft may have been yellow. That would be red, yellow, blue and green.

I will look for my Seaman's Discharge Book. This book is a record of the voyages undertaken and the dates of the voyages. This will give me a better idea of what month I saw the craft. The M.V. Port Auckland was the first refrigerated ship to do the NZ run and there was a model and information of it in the Maritime Museum at Greenwich. If the ships logs are still in existence in archives, the date and timing of the sighting could be determined down to a couple of hours.

Also see second report.

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike & HBCC UFO Research for the follow-up.]


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