Hauraki Harbour, Auckland


UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Hauraki Harbour. Auckland new zealand

Date: 1975 just after sunset

Approach Direction: from north to south

Departure Direction: from west to east

Witness Direction: south east

Description: After seeing the report on the sighting of the torbay ufo in 1975, I have finally got confirmation that what i saw was really a ufo. I was about nine at the time and was travelling with my family along the motorway from north shore along the stretch that goes by the water coming up to the harbour bridge. I was looking out over the water when i noticed a darkish cigar shaped object with a red green and blue light along the length of it. As it was getting dark i could not make out the exact shape of it clearly. It appeared to have no sound that i could discern. At first i thought it was a reflection on the window from something in the car as it was going along at the same speed as the car. but looking around i couldnt see any source for a reflection. we started to go up the bridge and thats when the ufo stopped. hovering over the marina. then all of a sudden it took off over towards rangitoto island. No acceleration, just instant speed. I counted 20 seconds before I lost sight of it. Thats when I turned to my folks and said " I just saw a ufo!" of course they didnt believe me! It was travelling about 30 to 50 ? meters off the water.

[Note: The following report was mistakenly placed under the Timaru, South Island for February 2006!]

Follow-up information from Brian Vike

Hi Brian, thanks for your reply to my report. Here are some answers to your questions:

I estimated the size of the UFO to be that of a large car.The weather was clear.There were no other aircraft during the sighting or directly after it.I estimate the distance away from me was between 150 - 300 meters. In that area , a small distance as the crow flies, there is the Whenuapai military airbase, the Auckland international airport, and if you look at Bruce L Cathie's book The Energy Grid 1990 on pg 62 , there is a map of Auckland showing various installations as well as some UFO sighting points, and how they correspond with each other. I am sorry my memory is not clear on whether the lights were flashing or not. There was no noticable disturbance in the air around the ufo or a trail of any discription when it took off. Below is a drawing of what i saw and a scan of the page referred to. Cheers Anne.

Energy Grid Excerpt
UFO depiction

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike & HBCC UFO Research for the follow-up.]


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