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UFO Sighting Report - New Zealand

January 1979 : Near Nelson, South Island

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

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Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: MR. PAUL x
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: all night long. Occupation: semi retired

Observation: Its a long time ago now but I was travelling in N Z over summer. I camped on a remote beach outside Nelson on a warm clear summer night I immediately saw this object out at sea hovering over the water for ages about 1 hour or more it was only moving slightly.

I observed 2 bright coloured lights on either side a red and a green light but what was unusual was a huge oscillating light under the bottom of the craft shape, which was lighting up the ocean floor. This just went on and on I was astonished it did not go away eventually it started making the most unpredictable movement but the main search light stayed constant.

It went on all night I started to think about what I was witnessing became a bit nervous eventually i laid down and went to sleep. The next day I went into nelson I meet some people who confirmed they saw the same thing I witnessed.

Description: No sounds but the movements were like nothing I have witnessed it would jump around the horizon stay stationery but move in a way not like any aircraft.

Location: I was near the fruit growing region in South Island of New Zealand near the town of Nelson on a beach at night.

Apparent Size Other: Elongated

Actual Size: It was in the night sky so I am sort of guessing cause I just remember the craft lighting and the huge search light but smaller than a small jet.

Altitude: I was on a beach this object was low to the horizon over the water maybe 15 degrees.

Object Origin: When I arrived on the beach it shortly came dark then I noticed it out over the water and it simply did not go away.

Moon Visible: Moon cycle I can not recall but it was a clear summer night.

Moon Size Comparison: quarter the size?

Weather Visibility: Clear, Pleasant.

Effects Psychological: I became nervous I was on my own I knew after a hour or so this was unusual. I forced myself to stay awake I started to become maybe frightened very late I laid down went to sleep.

Effects Other Witnesses: No,however I instinctively knew this was special I purposely made a point of remembering and observing I never reported it and few times talked to people about it I was dismissed as being odd so I am careful not to talk about it. However one thing I most recently think about is now in retrospect I think this object was searching for something this never occurred to me till recently. Looking back the movement the length of the sighting everything it did WAY IT MOVED was so PURPOSEFUL. I have heard of people witnessing such things but tis was not a mini split second event it just went on and on all night.



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