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Henderson, West Auckland


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Location: Henderson, West Auckland

Date: ?/?/1985

Time: 9.30pm

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 1 or 2

Shape of objects: Disc

Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: No

Weather Conditions: Clear and fine. Cloudless sky

Description: In late 1985 I was living in West Auckland and attending Waitakere College. I was 17 years old at that time and had recently moved to New Zealand from England in April 1985 with my parents. I didn't know the area very well because I had only lived in NZ for a few months.

I am sorry I can't give an exact date off the top of my head because of he amount of time that has passed. I didn't think to make any notes immediately after the incident as I wasn't as well trained as I have since become. It was, believe, one or two nights prior to the Waitakere College school ball of 1985. So it should still be possible to narrow the incident down to one or other of 2 exact dates with a little investigation.

The other witness was named Bruce C. Bruce was also studying in the sixth form at Waitakere college at that time but was in a different class to me.

That afternoon Bruce and I had travelled to Auckland city by bus together to hire suits for the upcoming Waitakere College school ball. Still not being very familiar with the area I had asked Bruce if I could accompany him in as he had told me about his plans to hire a suit and I needed one too. Bruce agreed and said that if we go back to his place in Henderson together he would get his mum to give me a lift home to Te Atatu South.

We went into the city, hired the suits and got a bus back. The suits were contained in rigid containers and we joked we would look like a couple of mafia guys with violin cases if we were to carry the cases on the night of the ball whilst we were wearing the suits.

We exited the bus in Henderson near some playing fields which belonged to a girl's school. Bruce's house backed on to the opposite side of the playing fields from where he bus alighted. The playing fields were therefore a shortcut from the bus stop to Bruce's place. The playing fields were quite large and at least a couple of rugby pitches across. I don't recall the name of the girl's school but it was very close to Waitakere College because everyone used to joke that Bruce lived right next to the school and could wake up and be in class within 5 minutes if he wanted to. So the fields must have been near Rathgar Road. (Again, a little investigation on my part would be able to easily locate the exact school/fields. Google Earth would do the trick in 5 minutes. But I want this report to be as accurate to my original recollections as possible and not to risk contaminating my memory by starting to look up the area on maps at this time.)

So it was between about 9pm to 9.30pm near some playing fields adjoining a girl's school in Henderson in late 1985 when two schoolboys jumped over the girl's playing field fence carrying bulky (and no doubt suspicious-looking) containers with our hired suits inside.

We started to walk across the playing fields towards the direction of Bruce's mum's house which was directly opposite. We got about half way across when I noticed a strange flashing light in the sky. The light appeared to be quite high up and almost directly in front of us. It would be impossible to give a precise height or size without a frame of reference. However the lights were about three to four times the size of a star from our perspective, were disc shaped and were flashing between red and white and green colours in rapid succession.

I pointed the strange flashing light out to Bruce. I thought it might be lights on top of a tall radio tower or something as I was not familiar with the area so didn't know if perhaps there was some such structure in the distance. Although I couldn't imagine that any such tower could be tall enough for the lights to be so high in the sky from our perspective unless perhaps the tower was in the distant Waitakere ranges. But if that was the case then the light source would have had to be absolutely massive for the flashing lights to appear so large from such a distance of kilometres away.

All these possibilities were going through my mind and I was about to ask Bruce if there was a radio tower in the area but Bruce's face was transfixed. "What the hell IS that? I don't believe this" he said. That's when I realised that this was not a regular sight in the area as even a long time local resident like Bruce was surprised.

As we watched the flashing disc it seemed to grow a little larger as it pulsated between red and white and green. It was still high in the sky almost directly in front of us. As we watched suddenly the flashing lights appeared to jump instantaneously changing their position. The same sequence of flashing lights was still high in the sky but it's position had changed instantaneously from almost directly in front of us to its new position high to the right of our position. I said "Did you see that?" Bruce said "yes I saw it but I don't believe it. Nothing moves that quick."

We were standing transfixed in the middle of the fields looking upward. I was starting to realise that what we were seeing might qualify as an "Unidentified Flying Object." Radio towers, 'planes, satellites, stars, weather balloons and chinese lanterns do NOT move so quickly as to apparently change their position instantaneously from one part of the sky to another and with no inertia. The lights could not have been a projection because the night was completely cloudless. All the stars were visible and there was no surface for a projection to be projected on to.

Then two things happened simultaneously which made both Bruce and I panic. The disc of pulsating light suddenly jumped again, this time instantaneously jumping from high to our right to high to our left. Simultaneously a loud noise like a siren went off and it was so loud it sounded like it went off directly behind us.

I believe we both uttered some expletive and we both ran as fast as our legs would carry us, still carrying our bulky suit cases, and jumped over the fence into Bruce's mum's place and Bruce pounded on his mother's door to let us in. We didn't look back. Bruce's mum let us in and asked what all the commotion was.

When we told Bruce's mum what had happened she didn't believe us. She thought we were making up stories for why we were so late. It turned out it took us all of 40 minutes from the time we alighted from the bus until we arrived at the opposite side of the field. Yet to both of us it felt like 10 minutes at the most. Even as we excitedly talked of what we had seen as Bruce's mum drove me home she still refused to believe our story.

The next day at school Bruce came to visit me first thing at my class. The rest of the students who overheard us also reacted with disbelief and ridicule as has almost everyone else either of us has dared to mention the incident to since. We both quickly learned not to discuss it.

I eventually moved overseas and became a Police Officer-a job I continue to hold to this day. I am not in the business of filing false reports. On one occasion whilst I was working as a Police Officer I was foolish enough to mention the incident during a light hearted discussion in the meal room. Next thing I know one of my colleagues has gone to the Duty Officer and said I've "lost the plot" and that "he thinks he's been abducted by aliens." I was sent to the police psychologist and given a battery of tests which showed no cause for concern and I passed the whole thing off as a mealroom joke. But I KNOW what I saw and Bruce C saw it too. I wonder how many other people see similar phenomena and stay quiet for fear of ridicule and perhaps damaging their careers? So if you're wondering ""why did it take you so long to report this?" it's a reasonable enough question. And you have my reasonable answer. But having stumbled upon your site I believe the story deserves to be told for the benefIt of those who have an interest in such sightings.

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