Summer 1994

I have just found your website. It requests any sightings of an anomalous nature to be e-mailed to this address.

My partner, daughter and I were all at a music festival in the countryside of Motueka, Nelson Province, South Island, NewZealand. I can't recall the exact date. It was the summer of 1994. Somewhere between January and March at a place called Orinoco.

This place has a lovely natural amphitheatre of about 2-3 acres of flat lands surrounded by foothills. This particular night my partner and I went to check on our daughter who was asleep in a bed in a van. After that I just sort of glanced up as something caught my eye. There was a series of red lights sort of hanging in the sky at what appeared to be maybe 20 feet or so above the top of the foothill. Our van was parked at the bottom of the small hill. I don't know how high the hills are but, I would say they would take about 1-2 minutes to reach the top, at the most, so not very high. You could call to someone at the top easily and have a conversation. Although music was playing on a sound stage it was way over diagonally from us in another corner of the large paddock we were in. Anyway, I just stood there staring at this thing wondering what it was. It made no noise whatsoever. After what seemed like a minute maybe more, I said to my partner "look at that, what do you think it is?" Dave replied "that's weird, dunno, maybe a UFO." Then we cracked up laughing but, kept looking at it, and saying things about how it can't be helicopter because it wasn't making any noise. No plane could hold itself in a stationery position like this. Time went on. After about maybe 4-5 minutes we said to each other about going and grabbing some other friends to have a look. As soon as we said that, the thing just shot off, noiselessly, it just about disappeared instanteously. That was so freaky but kind of cool as well. We told a few people about it but no one else that we spoke to seen anything as they had all been watching the band.

You may be thinking, musical festival, drugs, etc.,. Well, not in my case. I used to smoke marijuana but stopped about 5 years previously. Also my partner had not been smoking because we had our daughter with us. I don't recall drinking any alcohol either.

Anyway, as I said, this was quite a while ago but, I just thought I would let you know.

Yours sincerely

Thank you Anna For Your Report.


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