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UFO Sighting Report - New Zealand

October 1996 : Opotiki, Bay of Plenty, North Island

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Opotiki township

Date: October 1996

Time: 9:30pm aprox.

Number of witnesses: two

Number of objects: two

Shape of objects: the shape of stingrays without the tails

Weather Conditions: cold, clear, full visibility, cloudless.

Description: my 17 yr old son and I were looking for shooting stars when I saw 2 objects coming towards us I looked away and back to be sure I wasn't imagining it, I pointed at them and my son saw them as well, they were parallel to each other just a few feet apart but not in any way connected, they were bronze in colour with no lights whatsoever travelling from south to north as they came closer we noticed there was no noise, no vapour trails, no windows, no smell, no lights, they flew overhead aprox 18 to 21 feet above us and on out to the north (towards the sea) travelling slow enough for us to have noticed all the above.

TV/Radio: nothing was reported anywhere to our knowledge