December 31st 1999

UFOINFO E-mail Report:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing in relation to a ufo sighting my mother and I witnessed on the eve of the millenium. The reason I am writing now is that there was a viewing on 'The Holmes Show' on the 10th September 2004, about two young men who caught on video camera an unusual light moving slowly in the sky, near Coromandel Peninsula, this year.

During the eve of 2000, my mother and I lived at Maketu beach in the Bay Of Plenty and were both sitting watching the sunset and enjoying a quiet drink, when we both observed what we thought was a ship's light out at sea, but then ruled out that it was a ship when we continued to watch it travel at rapid speeds just above the water. This light came from the Coromandel Peninsula Coast and was travelling in the direction of Motiti Island, an island I can only guess its distance, about 12km's from Maketu and Tauranga.

The light disappeared behind the island, so I thought it might have been a RNZAF aircraft practising, god knows why at that time of the evening. What scared the crap out of both of us was when we were waiting for the light to appear on the other side of the island, there was no sign of it until... we saw the light ascend from the middle of the island and hover there for a few moments, as if to say 'here we are', and then descend never to be seen again.

I have told very few people this, because I don't want to be regarded as a mad hatter, but reading your experience and understanding that what you saw is unexplainable made me write this now.

I have had another experience of a ufo above Tauranga two years later, but there were no sightings and I remained quiet.

Thank you anyway, I know there is something out there, whether it be a new top secret aircraft or something else, my mind is open.


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/newzealand/991231.shtml