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UFO Sighting Report - Papua New Guinea

1990 : Port Moresby Drive-In

UFOINFO E-mail Report

Location: Port Moresby Drive-In

Date: 1990 (approx)

Number of witnesses: 10 possibly more

Number of objects: 1

Shape of object: Small white dot

Well the PNG sighting was about 18 years ago - there were about (10) of us at the Port Moresby drive-in theatre.

We were all in the back of several utes parked next to each. The movie was lousy (what you would expect in PNG). Anyway I was gazing out at the stars as it was a beautiful warm clear night. We were facing North. I noticed a white light above the tree line - it was only a very small white dot but travelling at a very high speed and obviously quite high up. It travelled right up to being almost over the drive-in (but very high - higher than any commercial airplane and faster than any commercial plane). There was no tail like that, on what was probably a meteorite that I saw last night.

By this time we were all watching it. Then it stopped still for about 45 seconds - then it suddenly took off very fast at a right angle to where it had been - it went half way across the sky in a Northerly direction and stopped again for about 45 seconds. Then in another diagonal move it went accross and back in a Southerly direction.

So it was here o then moved o^o - it moved to a position that was directly/exactly in between the (2) pointer stars and remained gradually getting tinier until it finally disappeared - it was way too fast for a balloon or even a jet fighter of some description and jet fighters can't hover anyway - and even a satellite moving into place would not be as bright if seeable at all or be able to move so quickly there was no noise at all. Every one was amazed at the time.

The locals in PNG say they see a lot of UFO type activity accross the country - but the most interesting part of the event was it positioning itself right in the middle of the two pointer stars. I wonder if there is some kind of wormhole as the scientists talk about in that region or if it has ever been studied?

Hope it helps.