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UFO Sighting Report - Papua New Guinea

November 4th 1999 : New Britain

Report taken from the AUFORN Mailing List

Sighting Report 04.11.1999

By Way of Bill Chalker UFOIC Australia

Source: PNG Post Courier Web site
11/11/99, 12/11/99, 15/11/99.
Thanks also to Paul Cropper.

New Britain, Papua New Guinea stirred up by
Huge Object on Thursday, November. 04. 1999

Thousands in the New Britain region, the Gazelle Peninsula, the remote Bainingo ranges,, the Duke of York Islands, the Baining area, Vavu Beach, North coast of Rabual, and Pilapila community have apparently witnessed a large slow moving object described variously as a craft "which had huge lumps on the sides with light flickering around it" (people of the remote Bainingo ranges), apparently about 200 metres long, 50 metres wide & "lit up like a city in the sky", moving slowly across the sky "making a quite puffing noise" - an airship perhaps? But other descriptions challenge that possibility. People living on the Island in the Duke of York group closest to New Ireland province reported seeing a huge craft hovering just metres above the sea off St. Georges Channel, and travelling very slowly. They also reported other smaller craft with bright lights circling the larger one "in a playful manner". John Berenti, & family of Namatanai, New Ireland, saw "a huge craft appear just above the top of the mango trees" he estimated 200 metres to 300 metres long & 50 metres wide. Others tried to chase the object. Raymond Theodore a Police officer at about 8.30 pm, on Vuvu Beach, North Rabaul coast, saw "a huge craft travelling just metres above the seas... we saw it travel over Waton Island. It had very bright lights at the back as it moved along."

Alex Jame & 4 other boys returning from Pilapila Community School about 7 pm and others saw bright lights approaching. As the UFO approached, Alex claimed "the street lights dimmed like when the batteries in a torch are flat." He thought it was noiseless, oblong in shape, bright lights around the edges, with a top like a pyramid with some lights around it. All white lights. The boys said it took 30 minutes to pass them. Alex said when the object hovered over them the place around them light up & they could see people near them as if it was daylight. It eventually disappeared over the mountains near Vuvu. Another local, John Mcleod, manager of the Malangan Beach resort, New Ireland province, said he watched it and thought it was a satellite re-entery. He seems to be describing something else entirely. If it was an airship or blimp it was a spectacular one??

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