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UFO Sighting Report - Peru

March 10th 2000 : Lima

UFO Over Lima, Peru

March 10, 2000

Source: Rose Maria Paz Wells, President, Instituto Peruano de Relaciones Interplanetarias (I.P.R.I.)


March 10, 2000, 1:30 P.M.- A UFO was videoed and seen by thousands of people while flying very low over Lima, Peru. The sighting lasted 15 minutes - enough time for people to see it. Some witness report small orange spheres, at times, coming out of the UFO and propelled through the air in different directions. Dozens of residents called the news media. It was profesionally videoed, for a few minutes, by Cameraman Juan C. Amoretti of Panamericana TV, Channel 5.

Channel 5 reporter Viviana Cohello reported in the morning news:

"Last night a UFO was observed by many residents at 1:30 in the morning. Lights, with strange behavior where seen in the sky of Lima bringing the attention of hundreds of people.." (On the television screen; A group of four lights forming a triangle is seen flying, at unusual low speed, almost over the roof of houses).

A witness, a girl that works at night, said: "It was a big UFO with yellow and red lights... And from it, 10 smaller UFOs came out..."

Reporter Viviana Cohello:

"A lot of phone calls from Callao, Olivos, San Martin de Porres and Villa el Salvador jammed our telephone lines reporting the same; a UFO flying over our city".

Another witness; Bruno Guzman, a radio newscaster from Radio Programas del Peru:

"It amazed me to receive so many calls, testimonies, of what we saw. We don't have a scientific explanation of what happened last night. Around one o'clock in the morning we started receiving phone calls. First, we looked outside from our seventh floor window. Then we went to our building's roof and there we could see the lights of distinct colors changing from blue, red and white, with an unusual motion. We witnessed it for about ten or fifteen minutes....."

Rose Maria Paz Wells, President,
Instituto Peruano de Relaciones Interplanetarias (I.P.R.I.)

USA representative:
Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo
Miami UFO Center

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