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UFO Sighting Report - Peru

May 20th 2007 : Lima

1st. Integral Scientific Study on the Phenomenon Ufo in Peru

First registered Massive Sighting in Peru

New video
Two thousand to three thousand white spheres in skies of Lima
Date : Sunday May 20, 2007
By: Dr. Anthony Choy
Independent Researcher
Founder Member of the Office of Investigation of Aerial Anomalous Phenomena (OIFAA) of the Air Force of Peru

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(In these moments in Spanish, next in English)

(Important - Video 1 p.m., has been darkened and accelerated. The quality in youtube does not allow to appreciate the phenomenon clearly). The event was matter of a news article in Sunday 01 of July by the Univisión (TV Channel in spanish) of the United States and will be matter of another one Sunday 15 of July in Channel 4 of Lima, Peru, TV Program "Fourth Power".

Dear friends:

I In sunday 20 of May of 2007, between the midday and the 2 p.m. happened an unusual event in skies of Lima, Peru. Between 20 to 30 white spheres they were visualized, from differents points from the city, in special from the center of Lima. It was recorded by an equipment of cameramans of Channel 9, TV Station of Lima, that just transmitted in their nocturnal reporter in thursday 24 of May.
Nevertheless, in the middle of June, I took knowledge from a extraordinary second video.

II An audio-visual products company, awarded with international prizes, was that day recording a musical videoclip, to few blocks of the Government Palace in the downtown of Lima. Indeed in a filmation, when its professional digital camcorder was pointing al sky, it could recorded the same phenomenon that already it was caught by the cameras of Channel 9. Nevertheless, thanks to their better technical characteristics (greater clearness and zoom lens of greater reach), as much the Director as the Executive Producer of this company, could be aware that in addition to these anomalous spheres, had apparently to much greater distance, "something but".

III What recorded this camera, approximately towards the 1 p.m., they were, according to preliminary estimations, between 2.000 to 3.000 white spheres in the sky of Lima. Of to be thus, serious one of the greater massive sightings ufo, at world-wide level, according to antecedents availables.

IV When It were analyzed the images by computer, accelerating the scenes or darkening them, we could appreciate that these spheres moved at intervals, or in group or individually, soon they remained immovable later to return to move. For already two weeks we have been beginning the respective investigation of field, for which we are receiving the preliminary opinions of teams of professionals of different Peruvians institutions pertaining to the aerospace scope (CONIDA, SENAMHI, DIRMA-FAP), to those who deeply we are thankful. We have gathered testimonies of witnesses, tested of helium globe launching, obtained scenes in video of the places of sighting etc.

V Important data you must remenber: 1) the event was long play (video of Channel 9: 30 minutes, video of audio-visual company: 8 minutes, testimony of witnesses: near two hours). 2) There were three groups of objects: the first group of 20 to 30 white spheres was approximately to 4.000 meters (13.000 feet)of altitude approx; the second group between 2.000 to 3.000 white spheres was to 8.000 meters ( 26.000 feet) of altitude approx. and a solitary orange sphere, to 4.000 meters of altitude.

VI Until the moment, is considering all the possible hypotheses: rain of meteorites, sounding balloons, infantile helium globes, space scrap iron etc. We must on the matter be clear: none of the raised hypotheses satisfactorily explains the phenomenon of the 20 of May. Our position is, we know controversial, but we create pertinent: we must incorporate, within the arsenal of work of the process of scientific research, the hypothesis of recurrence of some type of intervention of nonhuman superior intelligences. And from that epistemologic incorporation, to lay a new way search of the truth.

The Investigation continues.
Watch skies... watch skies…watch skies...

Dr. Anthony Choy
Sunday, May 20 2007

[UFOINFO thanks Anthony Choy for the article.]