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UFO Sighting Report - Peru

February 1999 : Various Locations

UFO Wave In Peru

Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo

15th February 1999

There have been a lot of ufos sighting flying over Peru. A week ago a local television showed a home video of a ufo flying over the capital, Lima. This week Chanel 5 and Chanel 2 in their news, presented two separated home videos of flying ufos, one in Jesus Maria and another in Callao. The last one, and more spectacular, showed two ufos flying at tree top and at very slow speed. They combined and then separated at interval.

On Wednesday, February 10, ufos were reported flying at low altitude, over the coast line betwen Chorrillos and Callao. Neighbors of the zone went outside their homes with the hope of seeing them again.

Saturday, February 13. Another ufo was filmed at day time and showed in Chanel 5 Panamericana Television. There are several reports of sighting over Lima (Lince) and in Ica (Pisco) to the north with Ecuador.

Peruvian authorities are having problems with complaints from the Colombian government about airships entering their airspace from Peru without authorization. Of course, Peruvian government denied the charges.

Thanks to Rose Marie Paz Wells.

Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo
Miami UFO center

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