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UFO Sighting Report - Philippines

October 12th 2003 : San Pedro, Laguna

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines

Date: October 12 2003

Time: around 3:30 - 4:30am

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: round white bright light/orb

Weather Conditions: basically fine weather; sky was clear with some scattered cloud groups

Description: At around 3:30 - 4:30 am (I don't remember exactly now) I was smoking cigarette behind our bedroom window in the second floor. My wife joined me and we were looking at the sky when she pointed to me a distant bright white orb in the almost clear sky directly at the spot where the sun sets.

I began to notice also a formation of small puff clouds forming a straight line, about 100 meters (uniformly!) distant from each other and moving slowly but directly into the direction of the light, as if they were being sucked by it. A second line of similarly-shaped and -sized clouds about 200-300 meters parallel to the first line was moving in the same direction and speed. We were smack at the middle of the two paths. We agreed all these were unusual and we just watched in awe for about 3-5 minutes. We did not wake up the other members of the family as we did not want to lose sight of any event that might unfold.

Suddenly, the bright object shot up to the sky at a speed that I'm positive no earth-made vessel could possibly achieve and after one second, it stopped and reversed its direction, now downward, and got lost among the other low-lying clouds. It did not emit a sound that was audible from where we were.

What prompted me to report this only now is because I've just discovered your site this moment. I searched for the date Oct. 12, 2003 (I'm sure of the date because it's three weeks after my father was cremated), and found that there were other sightings - almost simultaneously - with those in West Midlands UK, New South Wales, Australia, and Prescott Valley, Arizona (note the difference of time zones - the Arizona sighting happened Oct. 11, 4PM which is about Oct 12, 4AM here). I refer to your UFO Roundup Vol. 8 Nos. 40 and 41. The NSW sighting also said it was at night and the West Midlands report was 9:30PM, roughly all at the same time with ours give or take an hour for daylight saving time where applicable.

It was also awesome that the Arizona sighting somehow confirmed our observation that the tiny clouds were like being sucked by the object. Of the numerous UFO stories I've read, this is the first time I heard of an experience similar to ours.

This province, Laguna, is home to a "mystic" mountain, Mt. Banahaw, which a famous actor and actress claims is regularly "visited" by UFOs they even schedule "meetings" there with the aliens. Philippine news media has in fact covered several sightings in the area, mostly occuring at night.

Thank you for this site. It gave me an opportunity to share our experience for the first time. And it feels good to know that there is an audience who will appreciate our story.

TV/Radio: I heard on the news 2 or 3 days later of a reported sighting in the country but this was seen in one of the provinces of Mindanao, far down south from where we are.

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