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UFO Sighting Report - Philippines

Late 1975/Early 1976 : Clark AB

UFOINFO E-mail Report


I saw the UFO numerous times while at Clark. I saw lights that moved in strange directions to the west of the base just above the mountain range. I saw the lights closer, too. One evening while at the NCO club some friends joined us for a meal telling of their experience driving on base. An orange glowing ball followed their car all the way to the club then pulled back. We stood in the driveway looking to the west to see what they spoke about and sure enough, there it was moving side to side then it was gone. We thought it might be a helicopter but reasoned that it wouldn't be that bright, move in that manner, and then disappear.

One evening while walking I saw the light again, to the west. I distinctly remember pointing at it and asking a neighbor I was with if they saw it too. The comment was that everyone knows about the light. Our discussion continued with logical reasons for it. That maybe because there was so much communication equipment the 'light' was attracted to the area.

I have never seen anything like that light since.