May 31st 2004

UFO Photographed in Monte Novo Portugal

Source: Correio da Manha - http://www.correiomanha.pt


Portugal: UFO Photographed in Monte Novo

By Rui Chaves/Carlos Varela

A UFO was photographed in Monte Novo between Reguengos and Evora on Monday, May 31, at approximately 14:30 hours. Four people at the site - two engineers and two students, did not notice the presence of the object until they checked the images picked up by the digital camera. Eduardo Silva, 25, of the Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade (ISQ) took the photo as he performed a water quality survey on the waters of Monte Novo, Vigia and Caia.

"I Didn't See Anything Strange" "I only noticed it when we saw the photograph. That's when we
started saying it was a UFO, but I only gave it importance when I saw the news," explained Eduardo Silva. "It was very hot and there were no birds about, or balloons or helicopters," said the author of the photo. CM reported on last Thursday that the Portuguese Air Force had followed the tracks of a "spindle- shaped" object which had crossed the national air space. On Monday, Colonel Barbosa of the Armed Forces High Command explained that they were currently "cross-checking information from the radar images and eyewitness accounts."

The officer said that "if possible" any news would be made known "shortly." The photo provided to CM shows no signs of tampering. The reflection of the sun on the apparently metallic object agrees with the shadows of the trees shown in the photo.


Translation (c) 2004 Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology
Special thanks to Christian Quintero.

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