August 30th 1999

I will be as accurate as possible. I am not "into" UFO'S but I have seen something which has stimulated me enough to trawl the web for sites such as this.

I live in West Yorkshire, UK, but have just returned from a fortnights vacation in Portugal. Last Monday night (August 30 1999) we were returning by hire car to our Villa near Carvoeiro on the Portuguese Algarve at about 10 pm when all four adult occupants saw a red/gold light in the sky, I guess at around 15 - 20,000 feet travelling from the west towards the southern coast of Spain roughly following the coastline. It's movements were erratic; first of all slow then extremely fast; certainly not in the smooth manner of a jet, which is what drew our attention to it in the first place. It was hard to tell the shape but the light was a very regular glow and I would guess that in daylight it would be dome-shaped. Several other cars seemed to stop and stare but instead of stopping we rushed back to the villa for the video camera by which time it was so far away that I am certain it would not have shown up on film. It was a very clear, dark night.

My only point of interest is that we have visited this place several times and it is not in any busy flight path area, in fact we have only ever seen one "holiday" plane in all our six visits. However, the day after we saw a military type plane fly past very low but in the opposite direction to what we had seen in the sky the night before. We had no success in asking any locals or fellow tourists if they had seen anything although it was not until finding this site that I found out that the Portuguese for UFO is "OVNI".

Regards, Andy McAllister


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/portugal/990830.shtml