May 5th 2004

New UFO sightings in Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico

DATE: May 19, 2004

New UFO Sightings In Cabo Rojo

A report has been received that on May 5, 2004, Mr. Aguirre, a fisherman and local resident of Cabo Rojo, a town in the southwestern corner of Puerto Rico, reported seeing "strange lights" entering and leaving the sea and the cliffs near the famous Cabo Rojo light house late at night. An on-site inspection revealed that many tourists who visit the site have experienced odd sensations and certain types of "paranormal energy" as thought there were something else at the location. It is well known that UFO skywatches have taken place in the area and some of them have yielded positive results.

Our survey of the site disclosed that the waters near one of the cliffs showed evidence of what could be termed remains of spiritual or witchcraft "trabajos" (artifacts). The height of another cliff gave us pause, perhaps as well as its magnetism (sic). What is worth pointing out here is that many people claim having had unusual experiences in the vicinity of the lighthouse, giving rise to the belief that this is an area of intense paranormal activity. It must be made clear that the light house's beam has been confused with other surrounding lights, which makes the study of something taking place in the region even more interesting.

A recent photo of the newly-remodeled Cabo Rojo Lighthouse.

One of the strange lights reported in recent days over the lighthouse, far above the range of the light issued from the structure. The object presented signs of movement and deformation.

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Photos credit Prof. Reinaldo Rios
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Special thanks to Jose Martinez Echevarría (Project Argus)

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