October 3rd 2004

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
October 12, 2004

Source: Reinaldo Rios
Date: October 10, 2004


On Sunday, October 3 at around 2:00 a.m. I was able to see a huge orange light traveling from east to west without making any sound. The light changed colors to yellow and then to white, changing shape from circular to oval and elongated. The sighting had an approximate duration of 2 minutes. I assume it was at a distance of some 1000 feet and at a reasonable altitude. After the sighting, said light vanished, causing some horses nearby to become excited and making some of the witnesses present feel dizzy. We asked local residents about it; they confirmed that these lights are visible during the wee hours of the morning.

The site of the sighting was the Aerostat facility located on Highway 303 in Lajas's Fajardo Sector (it still remains to be investigated if these lights are caused by military experiments in the area or by visitors from elsewhere)

Photos taken with a 35mm ASA 200 Camera

Click on images for full size.

Photo of object over Lajas, Puerto Rico: Image 1
Photo 1 - Circular yellowish light changing to oval shape.

Photo of object over Lajas, Puerto Rico: Image 2
Photo 2. Object loses glow and extension,
changing position and shifting color from yellow to white.

Photo of object over Lajas, Puerto Rico: Image 3
Photo 3. Object maintains position, increasing the glow, but the
upper section turns yellow once more and becomes elongated.

Translation (c) 2004. Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology.
Special thanks to Reinaldo Rios.

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