May 15th 2005

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
September 15, 2005

To our Readers - This information has just been recieved from researchers José A. Martínez and Willie Durand Urbina of Puerto Rico's Proyecto ARGUS

SOURCE: Proyecto Argus
DATE: 09.14.05


The following is a preliminary report of this event in Puerto Rico -- the flight of a large triangular UFO over Puerto Rico. More witnesses to this sighting are coming forward, since there were more people on the avenue when the event took place. We would like any witnesses living in Puerto Rico's Carolina and Urb. Los Angeles districts to please phone us at the following numbers in order to continue our research. At this time only one person has photographed the object, but we are aware that more people saw it, including administrative personnel from the [Luis Munoz Marin International] Airport. Tel.787-821-1671 and 787-764-3206

Transcript of the Interview by Willie Durand Urbina and Jose A. Martinez Echevarria with the witness to the triangular UFO seen on May 15, 2005 at 12:16 a.m.

Willie: Hi Wilfredo, please tell us the experience you had when you left work.

Wilfredo: Well, it was one night when I left work at around 12 midnight. I was in the town of Carolina near the Los Angeles development, on an avenue exactly facing the airport and beyond Baldorioty [de Castro Avenue], or exactly behind Baldorioty. Then I saw a glow that came from behind a hill and thought it was strange.

Willie: There's a hill there?

Wilfredo: That's right, in the rear. That's when I heard the dogs barking, the birds singing and I saw the animals were becoming desperate. I was frightened. What could it be? Then when I looked behind me, I saw a great, very large glow. But I couldn't see the craft because I was inside the van. I pulled the van over and got out -- that's when I saw an immense triangular object. I can't give you the exact measurments, can't describe it in meters, but I can tell you [and compare it] to the size of a ball park or two enormous ball parks. It was going very slowly and passed directly over me.

Willie: Was it making any noise in particular?

Wilfriedo: None. No sound, just a light coming out of the middle.

Willie: Did you feel any heat, atmospheric changes, or temperature [changes] as the object went by?

Wilfredo: Yes, it seems that the light emitted some sort of heat, I don't know what kind of heat. It was like a high voltage bulb and you could feel the heat of the light. It made no noise whatsoever and was going slowly, very slowly, and thats when the van's engine and lights went out completely. I got inside, tried to turn the engine over, but nothing. Ahh!! But before getting inside, I took my camera phone and tried to take photos of the object, but I had to remove the fidner to lower the light intensity, because it couldn't be seen in the photos when I took it. I removed the light intensity from the camera and that's how I managed to capture the craft and photograph it. Then I took another photo from inside my vehicle, and that's strange , because nothing electrical worked, yet the cellphone cameraa worked. I don't know how, but its as if they wanted me to take a picture. "I'm up here, take a picture!" is what I'm thinking. Then I took the shot and it kept moving. The streetlights went out as it flew overhead, flying over the parking lot and away...

Willie: Did other cars stop as the UFO flew overhead?

Wilfredo: Yes, there were some 3 cars but quite far from where I was. When the UFO went away, my van started up just fine. I even found it strange that the airport was under [the object's path] and its lights also went out. There must be more people there who saw the object too. After passing over the airport it went higher and vanished into the sky at high speed.

Willie: Did you see any airplanes at the sighting spot or near it, in the vicinity of the sky?

Wilfredo: I didn't see any other airplanes flying over the area. It was also cloudy. In fact [as the object rose] it was possible to see the clouds very well lit by the object as it ascended. It was so immense that the glow continued lighting up more and more clouds. I looked at this and thought "wow!"

Willie: And it lit up the area you were at?

Wilfredo: Yes, it all looked like noon. It was incredible.

Willie: What residential developments were you facing when you took the photo?

Wilfredo: Urb. Los Angeles.

Willie: Could you give us a point of reference such as shop or other place of business?

Wilfredo: No shop or business as a reference -- it's a very large avenue, the one the intercepts Baldorioty and crosses Los Angeles right in the middle of the development.

Willie: What's the name of that avenue?

Wilfredo: I truly couldn't tell you, but I imagine it has something to do with Urb. Los Angeles

Willie: What company was there, at that corner of the section?

Wilfredo: None, but its a major avenue that takes you to the heart of the Los Angeles development. There are houses on either side. In fact the bridge on Baldorioty is an overpass that leads to that avenue.

Willie: In other words, the event occurred near that overpass?

Wilfredo: The event occured at the overpass?

Willie: Did your car experience any paint alterations or changes?

Wilfredo: The vehicle, well, it was stolen some 3 weeks after the event. No one heard anything. It was an odd robbery -- no one heard anything and my van had a pipe on its muffler that made it heard from far away when the engine was running, but no one heard anything. They took it while I was asleep and no one heard anything.

Willie: Your car was stole from your own home?

Wilfredo: Yes, from my home. It's odd, but some two weeks after the experience, I began noticing that the paint on the car began to show some little spots.

Willie: Were you able to recover the vehicle later?

Wilfredo: No, it was stolen not very long ago, about a month and a half following the UFO experience. Then I realized that nothing could remove those spots, as if the spots were coming from within the paint outward. The stains were blood-red or mud colored thta fell on the paint. In desperation, I even applied degreaser to the paint, but nothing worked to remove the spots. It's as if it was burned and it was throughout the entire vehicle.

Willie: As far as your health is concerned, did you undergo psychological changes after the experience with the object?

Wilfredo: I got sick after the experience. I became ill, don't know if it has anything to do with what I saw.

Willie: How long, or how many days went by before you got sick?

Wilfredo: Two weeks after the experience. I was bedridden. I'd never been so sick. I'm a very healthy eprson, it's hard for me to get sick and much less bedridden.

Willie: What was diagnosis/

Wilfredo: It was like a cold or something. I felt weak.

Willie: Did they do any bloodwork to check you corpuscles?

Wilfredo: Yes, but everything was all right in the lab tests?

Willie: Have you felt well after that cold?

Wilfredo: Yes.

Willie: It's odd that your vehicle was stolen.

Wilfredo: Yes. That happened after I spoke to a female co-worker who [claimed] having been adbucted by aliens. She told me about her experiences and it turns out that two days after she told me, I felt as though I were being watched. There must be some connection between my co-worker's experience and mine. There must be something.

Willie: Your car's theft must be related to the event. Did you report the theft?

Wilfredo: Yes, I have the report number and everything. It's been two months and still no sign of it.

Willie: What color were the craft's lights?

Wilfredo; It was only a white light, incandescent, in the middle of the object. Its edges had no observable lights, only that central light that covered the entire object. I could see a sort of metal frame, but the light kept me from seeing what was in the middle. Something metallic could be seen at its tips.

Willie: Did it change colors?

Wilfredo: No, no!

Willie: Any intersting details come to mind?

Wilfredo: Of course. When I'm asleep, I feel as though I'm being watched. Willie, it doesn't let me sleep, because I feel myself being watched. It's like a sensation of being spied upon, looked at.

Willie: Well, Wilfredo, anything else you may feel, a strange dream, any other experiences related to your case, please let us know immediately so we can probe deeper into your case. Many thanks for trusting us and for explaining your experience. Thanks for sharing it.

Original photo taken by cellular phone
Original photo taken by cellular phone

Photo with filter of bottom to see the object better
Photo with filter of bottom to see the object better

UFOINFO Note: There are suggestions that the photo and therefore the sighting itself is a fake. Will update if more information is received - John @ UFOINFO.



The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
November 9, 2005

Follow Up: Puerto Rico's Mysterious Triangular UFO Incident
by Jose A. Martinez Echevarria and Willie Durand Urbina
Project Argus- Puerto Rican Experimental Research Group, Inc.

The Puerto Rican Experimental Research Group, Inc. has continued its investigations into this case, which has resulted in a variety of contrasting opinions within the Puerto Rican UFO community and abroad. As a group committed to its research, we want to be very cautions with what we turn over to the media without having first verified the sources and the persons we have interviewed. We ascertain that the data is analyzed and evaluated in a responsible matter. Unscrupulous individuals having no connection to this investigation have taken it upon themselves to become agents of disinformation in the media. Since they have not had the [entire] case in their possession, we have delayed greatly in publishing it since it came into our hands in May 2005, in order to carry out proper field research. Certain details have emerged suggesting the [involvement of] many individuals and researchers unconnected to this case. As soon as [PRRG Director] advised me of the case a month later (giving the reader an idea of the manner in which the case was kept under wraps), he told me not to issue any reports pending his go-ahead, and I agreed to do this until the time he told me that his telephone had been tapped by an unknown agency, something that the original witness was also experiencing. Immediately, Mr. Durand gave me the green light to report the all available information before it was too late and the only evidence in our possession eliminated or seized.

The case number of the [unauthorized wiretap] is ASO2, as received by Mr. Alturo of the Puerto Rico Telephone Company. He gave Mr. Durand a number to report this wiretap (1-888-241-0734) and the confirmation number for the complaint was 002. Five days later, Mr. Durand received a call of unknown provenance, as his Caller ID box was unable to register that the phone was blocked. The agency tapping the phone was never identified. There is a person in the media inserting words ("An Independence Day type craft") where they were not present in the original report. Thus it can be seen how disinformation arises.

The Second Interview

Eyewitness's Brother: My brother was on the "Milla de Oro" about to take the expressway to San Juan. He was driving with three other guys as passengers. Beside him [on the road] was a green Mitsubishi and behind him was a red care. All of the cars around him stopped. All of them! The cars stopped, the drivers got out of their vehicles to look [at the object]. He wanted to get closer to the object to see it better and tried to follow it, matching its speed. The object then increased speed until the car was trying to follow it at 95 MPH. The object eventually vanished at high speed.

Willie Durand: What was the object like?

Eyewitness's Brother: It was a brilliant object, very luminous and triangle-shaped.

Willie: Do you know if your brother felt some warmth on his skin?

Eyewitness's Brother: No, only noise, like the buzzing of bees..ZZZZZ...could be heard.

Willie: The object then followed a course toward the airport?

Eyewitness's Brother: Yes, it took the "Milla de Oro" as if toward San Juan, and the airport is very close to San Juan. Wilfredo was there, who managed to see it much more closely. Especially if you're in the airport, you can see it better, as its a clear zone that allows for better visibility.

[Omitted: information has been suppressed in this part of the interview]

Eyewitness's Brother: There are more witnesses who work as security guards. They saw the object much nearer. The security guards from this other location say that the object flew over them. [Omitted: information has been suppressed in this part of the interview]

Willie: There's a magnetic field in that area [Omitted]. There's considerable geomagnetic activity at that location.

Eyewitness's Brother: Oh, really? How do you know that, Willie?

Willie: Yes, we have all of the equipment and had already made measurements in that particular area. We conducted tests and its quite large, covering all the way to the Hiram Bithorn stadium. [The area] is rich in sightings of this type.

Eyewitness's Brother: Look, right now I'm in Orocovis at a place where all of the local residents tell me that they've seen military aircraft that fly to a certain point of a river. I've been to that river, and they fly circles over the area as though looking for something. After a while they go away, then two more return and continue circling before leaving.

Willie: How's your brother doing? What are his impressions after this sighting?

Eyewitness's Brother: Well, he tells me that a friend of his who works in a carpentry shop keeps saying: "Hell, you really saw that?" But he says that "he's rather frightened by the whole thing".

Willie: Your brother hasn't brought up his experiences again?

Eyewitness's Brother: Well yes, he's spoken with some of his friends and with me, as well as some fellows my brother was with when they saw the triangular craft and have discussed the subject at length at work.

Willie: Wilfredo tells me that the object is larger than two ball parks. What can you tell me about what your brother saw that morning?

Eyewitness's Brother: Well yes, it was very large, my brother says. A tremendous object.

Willie: You told me that there was a girl who'd also seen this triangular object. I can't recall if it was you or Wilfredo who told me.

Eyewitness's Brother: Yes, I told you. She works in Campo Rico as a manager for a food store, but she's completely adamant about not talking. She doesn't want to come out on TV or the radio. She's completely negative about discussing the subject. I'll give you her number and see if maybe you get the information or an interview out of her.

Willie: All we want is the information. We won't use her name or personal data.

Eyewitness's Brother: Besides, she saw the triangular object from Paseo de la Princesa (Ed. - a promenade in old San Juan, some 7 miles from the airport).

Wille: Thanks for the information you've given me. This sheds a bit more light on this strange situation. We're hoping that more eyewitnesses come forward. I hope to see you soon. We'll be holding a meeting and you're invited.

Noteworthy Elements Observed: Parameters for Research

1. Two days prior to the sighting, the eyewitness had a conversation with a female co-worker who confided to him that she had been abducted several times by these vehicles.
2. Analyze the encounter and how the conversation came about.
3. Two days following the conversation, the sighting occurs.
4. Research into the surroundings of this witness's case is pending.
5. 14 days later, he was hospitalized in intensive care for a strange illness.
6. His car was later stolen from his house; the vehicle's paint had radioactive evidence.
7. He purchased another car and had an accident at the same place that the sighting occurred, breaking both legs.
8. Telephone lines belonging to Willie Durand, members of the group, and eyewitnesses, are tapped.
9. Willie Duarnd is expecting phone calls to see how many witnesses actually saw this craft.
10. Hold in-depth conversations with airport staff.
11. Agents with the Tactical Squad of the Puerto Rican Police report to Willie Durand's home in Floral Park (San Juan, P.R.) asking to see him. He identified himself, asking what they wanted, what were the charges, etc. The agent courteously tells him that nothing is amiss, but inquires as to the ownership of the vehicle parked outside, mentioning the evening that Willie visited the place where Wilfredo's UFO sighting took place.

Willie Durand writes the following: "These events have been repetitive and I am trying to tie up the loose ends. I am researcher in the best possible meaning of the word, being of sound mind and with a sense of responsibility when it comes to writing and describing the arc of these events. A map of the trajectory of this artifact through the skies of the Puerto Rican capital is being prepared. Expect it to be released soon. This interesting case remains open and there is further research to be done and more interviews to be conducted.

Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology.
Special thanks José Martinez and Willie Durand.

UFOINFO would like to thank Scott Corrales for granting permission to use this article.


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