May 28th 2005

First photographic Images of Hunters of Ufos

Project Campings Ufos Ship

I spin a top caught in watch

Prof. Reinaldo Rios

Photo of 'UFO'

Campings Ufos under the creation and direction of professor Reinaldo Rios report the first caught images. This watch took place Saturday, 28 may of 2005 from the 10:45 p.m. in the host premises of ufology of Puerto Rico thus declared by the Municipal Government. The location is in the Bermeja Mountain range, Highway 303, also now the declared ."EXTRATERRESTRIAL ROUTE PR 303", km 7, Hm 8 of Lajas.

Before the presence of but of 200 people of which 60 raised the mount it could totally in the dark catch before Full Moon: Orange light to disappear and to appear. Denominated lights caneplas that are like bubbles of energies. Rare lights persecuting one to others. We come off a photo of a ship there style I spin a top provided by personnel of support of Campings Ufos taken by this servant, Reinaldo Rios.

Said to put it was seen at first as a point but in his revealed of a camera 35 mm with HANDLE 400 for at night attracts this image of ship style I spin a top, sighted of north to the south, like a but of 1000 feet of distance, which noticed simple to our Vista emitting colors where they predominated orange and the yellow one. Duration of 20 to 30 seconds in movement upwards.

Susan Soltero reporter of Univision Channel 11 Puerto Rico and Reinaldo Rios

Susan Soltero reporter of Univision Channel 11 Puerto Rico and Reinaldo Rios


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