June 28th 2005

Prolonged sighting of Strange Spaceship
Reports professor Reinaldo Rios

Reinaldo Rios

Tuesday, 28 of June about the 10:15 at night a ship is reported where to natural saw he was enormous. Tapeworm several lights underneath and moved away and it approached by time intervals. A town to the northwest of the island of Puerto Rico was saw by residents in the Esteves Quarter of Aguadilla and the young person Carlos Hernandez who provides the taken photo next from his digital camera. I attended the area to make the due interview of which many were the witnesses. Apparently the object remains in this long position time emitting changes of lights. Photo provided by writing of Channel 12 of WOLE TV in Puerto Rico where time back participated and produge programs of ufos for this company.

Photo provided by Channel 12 of WOLE TV

If they manage to approach the photo around notices several lights in colors surrounded by a reddish light, that changed the color tonality.

It reports:
Prof. Reinaldo Rios
Press OCPI of PR # 97-055

Prof. Reinaldo Rios Press ID


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