Sabana Grande

February 28th 2006

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico

Date: 02/28/06

Approach Direction: South, towards the direction of La Parguera near route 303 just east of the town of Cabo rojo

Departure Direction: Southeast

Witness Direction: South

Description: Object landed 600 - 700 feet south of our position. We observed a very bright and intense white light that ranged from a spot light in intensity to a dazzling ball. Observed three to four alien beings that appeared to be working or gathering something around the bright light. Aliens had large heads with large almond shaped eyes that swept back and up at an angle and long thin arms and bodies with very long fingers (only four fingers per hand). They stood about three to four feet high. Could not tell skin color or see there legs and feet. After about thirty to sixty minutes of this activity, the glow appeared to become surrounded by some sort of covering or possibly closing what ever access or hatch that was open. A sequence of lights started to flash from the top and sides of the bell shaped area and from the edges of the disk. This went on for about twenty minutes then afterwards, all lights except a probe like arm with a single white light on the end went dark; almost as if it was trying to conserve power or energy. It hovered and moved within twenty feet or so of its original position on the ground. This activity went on from 12:30 am to 6:45am until well after sunrise. At this point a second object was observed flying/hovering about five hundred feet directly above the object on the ground. I want to note for the record that multiple objects could be seen in the clear night sky. It almost looked like sky full of stars until you notice the objects move around from side to side.

Color/Shape: Grayish metalic on the top half (object#1 on the ground) and very flat and shinny underside (object#2 flying/hovering over object#1) in the air. While object was flashing; triangular, rectangular and circle shapes could be seen while the flashing light sequence continued. Could not see those shapes once it was day light. Objects where about six to eight feet in length. Three to four feet in width and two to three feet in height

Height & Speed: speeds ranged from several hundred to perhaps one thousand plus mph. These objects moved at least twice as fast as a high flying passenger airline.

[UFOINFO Comment: When first posting this report I forgot to mention that I have serious doubts about its authenticity - John @ UFOINFO March 19th 2006.


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