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UFO Sighting Report - Puerto Rico

A Brief Summary of Meteorite and Bolide Sightings in Puerto Rico

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
October 23, 2007

A Brief Summary of Meteorite and Bolide Sightings in Puerto Rico,
October 2007
By Luz Guzmán – OVNI.NET

Translated by Scott Corrales, IHU

Date Unknown : Luis Munoz Rivera Housing Project, Guanica

Date: None given. Only described as “recently”

Place: Luis Munoz Rivera Housing Project, Guanica

Time: Pre-Dawn hours

Witness: No names given. Only “Residents of the Luis Munoz Rivera Housing Projects” mentioned.

Summary: On Saturday 20 October, researcher Jose Martinez of Guanica reported the fall of a strange bottle-shaped object in the town of Guanica on the Imprimatur message list. He reported that several residents of the housing project had seen a small burning object falling from the sky. Guanica district police seized the strange bottle-shaped object. He said “with this interesting case we cannot dismiss the possibility that space junk could be involved” and the Police do not wish to make any comments at this time until an expert establishes exactly what it was that fell in the vicinity of the old Munoz Rivera housing project.

Source: José A. Martínez E. del Puerto Rican Experimental Research Group, Inc, Brightlights Ufologist Digest, Historias Ufologicas de Puerto Rico y Exterior

October 20th 2007 : Juana Diaz

Date: Saturday 20 October 2007

Date: From Juana Diaz, seen to the east of Ponce. Corral Falso District, in the Callabo neighborhood.

Time: 7:30 PM Approx.

Witnesses: Several.

Summary: A strange explosion in the South. JUANA DIAZ – “Authorities have not been able to ascertain what caused an explosion, and its origin, which was heard practically throughout the western side of this municipality and some sectors to the east of Ponce on Saturday Night. Yesterday morning a Police helicopter flyover detected the presence of charred treetops in the Corral Falso sector of the Callabo neighborhood. Some witnesses at this location reportedly saw an explosion they attributed to an aviation accident or flares being launched at the site. Others did not hesitate to suggest that it could have been produced by an alien craft, insisting that the [explosion] was like a lit ball that fell from the sky and struck a hill. After the explosion at 7:30, several police men and Emergency Management personnel toured the site without finding anything.”

Source: Miguel Rivera Puig – El Vocero Newspaper

Reported to OVNI.Net by: Ana Del C Torres, MBA Oficial de Manejo de Proyectos

October 20th 2007 : Urb. Parkville, Guaynabo

Date: Saturday, 20 October 2007

Place: Urb. Parkville, Guaynabo

Time: 7:30 PM

Witness: Reinaldo Méndez

Summary: On Saturday October 20, 2007 at 7:30 PM Méndez was with his family on the terrace of his house (facing the back yard) in Urb. Parkville in Guaynabo when he saw an enormous light. First he thought it was a very bright white flare descending from the sky to the ground. He asked those who were with him if they had seen it to, but no one else had. He also thought that it could have been a shooting star, as it traveled downward. Or it could have been a flare of some kind, but he never saw it ascend; only come down. He waited for the loud report made by fireworks but nothing happened. He gave it no further importance and made no other remarks, assuming it had been a flare. Upon reading the El Vocero newspaper and learning of a strange explosion in the southern part of the island in Juana Diaz and Ponce where only burned branches were found, he checked the orientation points of where he had seen the object. He employed a compass and the Google Earth software. He is almost certain that what he saw could be related with what he read in El Vocero (Page 22, Monday 22, Miguel Rivera Puig).

Source: As told by Reinaldo Mendez to Andrew Alvarez, http://www.andrewalvarez. net.

October 20th 2007 : Amalia Marin, Playa de Ponce and Juana Diaz

Date: Saturday, 20 October 2007

Place: Amalia Marin, Playa de Ponce and Juana Diaz

Time: 7:30 Approx.

Witness: Pedro Cotto

Summary: The explosion (loud report) was heard both as a ground shock wave and as an air-carried sound in Amalia Marin, Playa de Ponce at that same tima. First a ground wave was felt, followed by a sound wave. The sound appeared to be an explosion in a vacuum. As soon as the events took place, the witness called the Ponce Municipal Police’s command center and the Playa precinct, but no one knew anything. He then phoned the OMMED office and the person on the phone told him that there was no information available. In both cases, he was the first person to call. Regarding the explosion (loud report) in Juana Diaz due to the alleged fall of a fireball, Pedro believes that it could be linked to the fragments of the Orionid meteor shower during these days.

October 20th 2007

Source: Andrew Alvarez

Date: Saturday 20 October 2007

Place: Witness was in Guayama but [object fell] in Salinas

Time: 7:45 PM

Witness: Juan Carlos Menendez

Summary: Menendez was on Guayama on Saturday, more or less in the same place where a fireball was seen to fall. He saw something white in color fall from the sky. He thought it was a “flare gun” that had fallen in the Salinas area. This was around 7:45 PM and it was already dark, with the stars and Moon visible. To his surprise, he heard about it on Channel 2 and visuals were shown.

October 21st 2007: Location Unknown

Date: Sunday, October 21 2007

Time: Pre-Dawn Hours. Phone call to anthropologist and paranormal researcher Andrew Alvarez at 2 a.m.

Witness: Pedro

Summary: Pedro informed Alvarez that he was seeing a UFO at that time. Lucy Guzman, Orlando Pla, Cindia Medina and Jule Alvatez were having breakfast at the Denny’s Restaurant on Avenida Munoz Rivera at that time. They went outside to look at the sky but could not see it. (Waiting to call Pedro for greater information)

Source: Andrew Álvarez Phd

October 21st 2007: Juana Diaz

Date: Sunday 21 October 2007

Place: Juana Diaz, seen to the west of Ponce

Time: 5:00 p.m.

Witness: Ing. Edwin Fontanes and his girlfriend Sharon

Summary: Edwin and Sharon were heading toward Ponce along Route 52. Edwin was driving and Sharon was next to him in the passenger seat. In the vicinty of Juana Diaz, Sharon noticed a very bright sphere entering a cloud. She called Edwin’s attention to it but he didn’t look as he was driving.

Source: Reported by Ing. Fontanes to www.ovni net.

October 2007 : Aguas Buenas, Caguas – San Juan Metro Area

Date: October 2007

Place: Aguas Buenas, Caguas – San Juan Metro Area

Time: Night

Witness: Zaida Vega

Summary: Zaida lives in one of the tallest mountains in Aguas Buenas. She is concerned about the presence of an uncommon haze throughout the area. She checked the news to see if it was desert dust or volcanic ash, but the news had not reported any such event. She smelled to see if someone was burning copper or rubber, but the air was pure and odorless. This concerned her, as she can see the Aguas Buenas, Caguas and part of the Metropolitan Area and the entire zone appears to be covered by this strange haze.

Source: Andrew Alvarez

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