San German

February 5th 1995

Sighting in San German, Puerto Rico
investigate and report by Professor Reinaldo Rios
An ufo investigator and independient reporter

This photo was taken by the Edgar Morales decorator in the street Cross from San German a town to the southwest from Puerto Rico while it was arranged to take photos to provide them to a bank the old Adventist temple. When preparing its camera to a height of 22 feet that was sight upwards and sees what describes like an enormous machine of green and blue colors. It notices a cupola upon the same one. She was quiet and one stayed watching it after a lapse of 2 minutes approximately. Later to it the object march. This photo was lent with intensities to make tests to verify its authenticity to him to a ufology organization of the island transacts made by one of its representatives. The conclusion demonstrated that it was a real photo being discovered in addition that the object was on about 5.000 feet of height and was of wide so many 1.000 feet. These documents are in our files. Channel 2 of San Juan, Puerto Rico was presented/displayed in Telemundo and Channel 12 of Wole TV programs which I produced called Our World.

Prof. Reinaldo Rios and Mr. Pedro Zervigon

Of left to right. Prof. Reinaldo Rios investigating of the case of the photo followed by the journalist of Telemundo Channel 2 of Puerto Rico Mr. Pedro Zervigon where the evidence in its program is the grain with Zervigon.

Photo of alleged UFO over San German

Photo to which I talk about. They can notice the not identified flying object in the central superior part of clear green color. Written up by Prof. Reinaldo Rios


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