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UFO Sighting Report - Singapore

July 1st 2007 : Pandan Reservoir

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Singapore, Pandan Reservoir

Date: Sunday, 01/07/07, 7:30pm local time

Approach Direction: North

Departure Direction: South

Witness Direction: East

Description: I went cycling at Pandan Reservoir at the western part of Singapore with my two children. After having admiring a beautiful sunset on the west side, the orangy-red spectacle has subsided and the sky was basked in the last light of dusk. Just after I have dismounted my daughter from the rear of my bicycle, my son pointed to the east and shouted, 'Daddy, look!'. I saw something flying from north to south. It looked like a comet with a long tail. My first thought was that it was a shooting star, but immediately, I dismissed that thought since shooting stars used to appear at the top of the atmosphere and were tiny. This one was just above some low clouds and looking at its size, it should be bigger than a jumbo jet. I have never seen something like that flying so near to where I was. My next thought was it was some jet fighter, but a jet fighter could not have emitted those greenish-blue light and long yellow tail. Infact it looked like those remote-controlled kite, but it was too huge and flying too fast to be a kite. It may be something that had dropped from space, but looking at its size and height, I would expect it to crash onto earth instead of burning off. But I could not hear any explosion, and there were no subsequent reports of crashing. It was out of sight after 10 seconds. As it was glowing above the clouds, I could not tell if it burnt off or flown off.

Color/Shape: Yellow light infront, greenish-blue light as a body, long yellow light forms a tail, like a comet. Can't make out any distinct shape. It was a very bright light glowing behind some clouds.

Height & Speed: Cloudy day. Object was flying just above cloud. It appeared to be descending. Approached from my left (north) and disappeared on my right (south) in 10 seconds.

TV/Radio/Press: Reported on Channel Newsasia. One family was interviewed for the sighting and it showed a handphone video (but too blur to see anything on TV).

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