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UFO Sighting Report - Singapore

March 26th 2010 : Yew Tee

UFOINFO E-mail Sighting Report

Location: Yew Tee

Date: March 26th 2010

Time: 7:58pm

Number of witneses: 1

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Star

My name is [deleted]. On Friday March 26, 2010. Yew Tee 7.58pm. I was scouting the sky for stars and aircraft. Well, I was not equipped with anything to view my case in time. But I'm quite sure that this was a UFO of some sort. I have been studying various patterns of flight paths of Singapore aircraft for many years, so I know the usual timing which each of these aircraft fly at.

Some what this craft had no strobes no other sort of lighting which a military aircraft would have either. It was a very bright white star which looked like a arrow from the back. The possibility of it being the landing lights is very low. The types of aircraft that always fly around my area where, F-16 fighter jets, G550 Gulfstream, Hawkeyes, Chinooks, Apaches sometimes Super Puma. But all these usually have some sort of strobes or anti-collision lights on them.

This event was very odd. It was too bright to be a plane of any sort. But it was flying low. There was no chance of it being a commercial plane, because commercial planes have protocols to follow on lights. The UFO also was flying very fast, speed of a Learjet in cruising. But I heard practically no sound of any sort on this craft. Is it possible its a UFO?