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UFO Sighting Report - Singapore

July - August : Singapore


Reported by Alvin Chee

July 29th 2001 : Singapore


The magnification of my binoculars reads 99990 x 3880 sehfeld 8m auf 280000m.
d=50 d.f= 1.36488 No.1 made in Russia.


On Sunday night 29th July 2001 at about 11.45pm (2345 hrs) local Singapore time. The sky was very clear and the moon was shining very brightly.

The UFO has a side view profile of an egg or like that of a hamburger bun. The body of the UFO is silver in colour. The size of the craft is about 20 to 30 feet high and about 40 to 100 feet wide. There was no sound heard.

We noticed that it had 4 huge port holes on its side. From within we can see bright yellowish white lights.

The UFO had 5 lights spread over the side of the space ship. These lights can be found in between the 4 port holes. The first, third and fifth lights were small round white lights. The second and fourth were orange lights. Right at the back/rear of the space ship/UFO is a big red flashing red light.

On the top of the UFO, some where mid-ship is a semi-flat white light. It does not flash.


The UFO was sighted hovering about 120 - 160 feet above the ground. It was hovering above the air base of the helicopter squadron.

Huey, Super Puma and twin rotor Chinook helicopters purchased from America were present on the field at the time of the incident.

It hovered the area for about 10 to 20 minutes. The speed of the hovering UFO is estimated at or between 2 to 10 miles per hour.

My 2 daughters and I witness the UFO hovering over the air base in the north of Singapore.

It was not a helicopter as helicopters makes a lot of noise.The colours of the UFO body were not that of a helicopter. Helicopters seen in the area are normally jungle green or camouflage green in colour.

July 2nd 2001 : Singapore



The magnification of my binoculars reads 99990 x 3880 sehfeld 8m auf 280000m.
d=50 d.f= 1.36488 No.1 made in Russia.

On 2nd July 2001 at about 1130 PM [2330 hours] we noticed a very strange phenomena. My wife who is 44 years and 16 year old second daughter bear witness to this event.

On the night of the happening, the sky was cloudy on one left side of the sky but there was no rain.

The phenomena

Within the clouds we saw 6 to 7 white balls of white lights that seem to be emitted from the dense clouds.

The size of the sphere/ balls were estimated to be about 2 to 5 metres in diameter. The balls were seen to do very quick rolls, moving in straight lines, doing quick u-turns, zipping up and down and from side to side. The balls fly about freely to and from the source of dense cloud. The pattern of the flight of the balls are consecutive in sequence, one after another.

This phenomena was noticeable for about 20 minutes.I called the local airbase duty staff and reported the intrusion of UFOs, 5 minutes into the event.

I have 12 years of naval service and have not seen an air plane capable of doing such acts.

August 7th 2001 : Singapore



The magnification of my binoculars reads 99990 x 3880 sehfeld 8m auf 280000m.
d=50 d.f= 1.36488 No.1 made in Russia.

At around 10.15 PM on the 7th of August 2001, my handphone rang and my friend Raymond Foo said " get your camera out, there is a UFO in the sky.'

Raymond lives on the perimeter boundary of Yishun near the Seletar reservoir, opposite the satellite antennae farm and he had just loan me a video camera on Friday 3rd of August 2001.

I have a network of friends in Singapore. we keep in touch and exchange details of ufo sightings.

I was in the car park at the time, and as soon as the call was over, I took the lift up to the 16th floor where I live. It has a clear view to the south of Singapore.

I told my wife to get the binoculars out and look into the sky. She could not belief her eyes when there she saw a similar UFO I last saw on 29th July 2001 with my two daughters.

Please refer to my report on hamburger shaped UFOs - 29th July 2001 11.45pm and White Balls of Light-2nd August 2001 11.30pm which was posted in the site on 7th august 2001.

This time my wife, 2 daughters and myself witness the appearance of the UFO.

The details of the sighting of the UFO is as follows:

Date:7th August 2001
Time: 10.15pm [2215 hours]
The sky was clear and there is slight clouding.

The UFO was sighted coming from a south easterly direction. It hovered and then gradually travelled in a south westerly direction.

There is a Tele-communications satellite antenna farm bearing in the south to south easterly direction from where I live. They are communication satellite dishes some 7 to 10 in number of various diameters.

I do not know if the UFO have zoomed in on the radio waves transmitted by these antennae as a guide into Singapore. I am merely speculating and not sure if this is the way they enter Singapore.

The UFO shaped like an egg is much smaller in size as it was more than 5 miles away.

The UFO had the same similar lights as described in my report of the 29th July sighting. this was confirmed using a pair of binoculars.

The UFO was hovering some 300 - 500 feet from the ground. It headed in a south westerly direction towards Jurong industrial area.

The UFO move gradually for some 20 minutes or so. The UFO passed by the 3 Tele-communication [MOBILE PHONES] repeater antennas on Bukit Timah, Bukit Gombak and Bukit Batok,and gradually disappearing behind the hills.

To get a feel of the course taken by the UFO you have to look at the Singapore map, looking southwards from Sembawang in the north.

The air base near my home was notified of the event.

August 12th 2001 : Singapore


Date : 12th August 2001
Time: 8.10 PM [2010 hours] local Singapore time
Place: Right side of the airfield, taking the tower as a reference.
Weather: clear sky


The magnification of my binoculars reads 99990 x 3880 sehfeld 8m auf 280000m.
d=50 d.f= 1.36488 No.1 made in Russia.

My daughter was making a telephone call to her friend and she saw a glowing object in the evening sky.

I rushed to the balcony and I looked up into the open evening sky. I immediately grab my pair of binoculars and focus onto the glowing object.


At about 2 to 3 miles away from my 16th floor apartment, I saw the glowing object my daughter told me about.

It is a similar UFO that I and my family have been seeing the past few weeks.

It was hovering above the airfield some 200 to 300 feet above the ground and it was tilted slightly at an angle of 30 degrees. We took a few pictures but we do not know if it will turn out good.

It hovered for about 10 minutes and then disappeared behind a block of flats.


We are seeing the UFO at a frequency of about every 5 to 10 days, but the timing of the appearance has changed, as it is becoming earlier on each appearance. the UFO is now appearing more frequently. I think we will continue to see such objects in the night sky but when and where we do not know.

The first time I saw this type of UFO, I do not know how or who to report such sightings and it was between 2 - 3 am in the morning at around May 2001. on the 29th of July 2001 it was around 11.45pm, then it was 7th August 2001 at around 10.15pm, and the most recent was 12 August 2001 at around 8.15 PM.

I am a retired UK trained Naval Weapon Specialist. The skills I gained from my military training in the Royal Navy help me a great deal to be a good observer for details.

I am 48 years of age and I am a normal human being of sound mind. I also hold several advanced diplomas to my credit.

My daughters are 18 & 16 year respectively, one in secondary school and the other in junior college.My wife is 44 years of age. We are all Singaporeans.

yours sincerely

Alvin Chee CB
[ex- Royal Navy Artificer]



Adv.Dip(BM) Bradford University Adv.Dip.AM ( IAM UK) Dip.AM(IAM UK) Dip.TM(ITD UK) Dip.P/Mgt(NPB S"pore) Dip Mktg. & Mgt(LCCI LONDON)

ROYAL NAVY APPRENTICESHIP CERTIFICATE 1972 -1976 Ordinary National Certificate ( Elect. Eng.)-UK 1972 -1976 City & Guilds London Institute - FULL TECHNOLOGICAL CERTIFICATE


I was recruited by LT. Butcher RN in 1972 in Singapore. I WAS FORMALLY TRAINED AT THE FOLLOWING ROYAL NAVAL ESTABLISHMENT under the 5 Nation Defence Pact - ANZUK between March 1972 to December 1976.