6th January 2003

Name: Dave

Location: Brooklyn &, Waterkloof/Pretoria/Gauteng/South Africa

Date: 01/06/03

Local time: 20:30-21:15

Approach Direction: Moving in a north to South Direction

Color/Shape: Roundish, bright orange in colour, made no noise

Height & Speed: 500 meters

TV/Radio/Press: Article in The Citizen page 1 cont. on page 2. Dated Wednesday 8 January 2003

Article by Eleanor Momberg

An identified flying object was sighted over Pretoria according to several city residents who claim they all witnessed the same object on Monday night.

One of several callers to The Citizen yesterday said they had seen a UFO flying over Brooklyn and Waterkloof areas between 20:30 and 21:15

People interviewed claimed the object, which made no sound was roundish and bright orange in colour.

"It was an orange bright light that was moving in a north to south direction as I approached the Brookly circle...

" It was moving slowly at about 500m above the ground before it stopped, switching its lights off and on. It dissappeared behind a hill in Waterkloof," said Momcilo Radovanovic.

Manager of a local take away, Mike Vermeulen said he saw the orange object hovering above a hill before it moved off at high speed.

"At first I thought it was a plane, helicopter or one of those airships, but realised it was nothing I had seen before. It made no noise, and was moving silently. It was very interesting to watch," said Vermeulen. "It was definitely not just a normal bright light."

But the sighting could not be officially confirmed.

General Manager of Air Traffic and Navigational Services, Arthur Bradshaw, said:"We did not recieve reports of any thing"

A similar response was recieved from the Air Force, Police and airports in the vacinity.


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/canada/030106.shtml