September 7th 2003

Name: Simon W

Location: over the city of Durban, Natal, South Africa

Date: september/07/2003

5.15am local time

Approach _Direction: appeared in the sky from no particular direction

Departure Direction: departed in a southerly direction

Witness Direction: due east

Description: it was just before dawn and a friend and myself were getting ready to go fishing. i was outside gazeing up at the sky which was beautiful. an object caught my eye,small, almost like a satillite. within a second or two, this object grew 20-30 times its size and shone brighter than the sun, changing colour and shape. the object glowed almost white and formed a concentric shape. within a millisecond the size of the object reduced to a small orange speck and shot off at an incrediable speed. during the time of it`s size increasing, the object was stationary. it`s size grew to an estimate of at least 3 times that of the brightest star you can normally see in the sky. after speeding off in a southerly direction for plus minus 10 seconds, the object dissappeared, but not over the horizon, just lights out.

Color/Shape: very bright, white light, which turned orange. too high to determine shape.

Height & Speed: seemed as high as a commercial jet, and left at an incrediable speed, anything from 2000-10000km/p


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/southafrica/030907.shtml