March 6th 2004

Original Sighting Report:

Name: Marek

Location: Riviera Pretoria Gauteng RSA

Date: 03/06/04 11:44pm GMT +2 (local time)

Approach Direction: South

Departure Direction: East

Witness Direction: North

Description: Friend and I were sitting chatting in our lounge - looking outside northwards - and I pointed out what I thought was a flare - it grew brighter but remained motionless, without the usual flare's downward path. It was yellow / white colour.

It then rapidly faded - and moved off to the east in a perfectly straight line - we lost sight of it as it moved behind the mountains.

Color/Shape: Like a flare - bright white then yellow. Round. Brightness faded too quickly for a flare.

Height & Speed: Motionless when noticed - then moved off maybe 1200Km/h by distance estimate

Follow-up by Brian Vike:

Hello there Brian,

Sorry for the late reply - a very busy day!

ok - as folllows:

One other witness - Sonica S****** - I mailed her your reply! I'm sure she will mail you - but she doesn't check mail too often - so patience.

As mentioned - it first looked like a flare - but just kept getting brighter. This was nothing like a plane or even search light from a opter - which we often see from our house up on a hill.

It was not moving -that's the first pointer to it being an oddity. perspective change was not there - it was still. When it started fading - it too was still - no change in position.

There was no sound - no motor or rotor noise! We would've heard it if it were a plane or copter.

This lasted for maybe two minutes? Not sure - we only caught on to it being out of the ordinary when it started moving. It didn;t appear to accelerate at all - just moved away at a uniform pace and dissapeared behind a hill.

no trail whatsoever!
It was low - no more than about 100m - judged by using the hills as reference.
It was over cast - low clouds.

I couldn;t get a number for air traffic control - so I don;t know - but this is in the middle of Pretoria - central - !
Not aware of any others witnessing this.

That's about it!

If I learn more - I will inform you.
Please let me know if you learn anything?

It sounded similar to:
but not quite brighter than sun!

Do you know this site?:


[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike for the follow-up.]


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/southafrica/040306.shtml