Late May/Early June 2004

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Name: On File

Why I only send this now is that I am not sure what I saw.

It was late May - early June 2004. The time was about 19:00 local

I was taking down washing and I picked up this light as it was traveling overhead. It was moving directly North - South.

It was extremely high.

I initially thought it to be a satellite due to its appearance and height. (I am very familiar with the satellites since we see them often)

What bothered me about this sighting was that our satellites do not travel along direct North-South paths. They always enter from W or SW and depart E or NE.

This light was moving directly North to South.

Why I do not believe it to be an aircraft of sorts is because I am, as commercial pilot, familiar with seeing aircraft lights at night.

Even at great height, one would make out the nav lights of a passing airliner.

Its path and height also does not coincide with any of the air traffic routes over Johannesburg International ( 20km away)

The only other explanation is that it was a military satellite that can be moved to different orbits as the need requires.

Please assist.

C. B.

Centurion, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa


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